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Frustrating Er Experience


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After passing out more frequently and feeling yucky overall, I called the on-call cardiologist and he told me to come in to the ER. So, I got up and tried to get dressed (passed out yet again) and then my tachy was so bad I couldn't stand up without blacking out so I called 911.

The ER gave me a bag of fluid but then sent me home. They said as long as I was getting enough liquids in me to keep my electrolytes within normal limits then that was ok (they didn't care that I was puking up my guts. They NEVER checked orthostatic bp or hr. They told me they needed a urine specimen but I was never able to go so they didn't run labs on that. Hello???? Shouldn't that be a sign to them that I was dehydrated? On top of that, I would have periodic episodes while lying flat or trying to slightly recline where my heart rate would spike in the 150's-160 and occasional spikes above 180.

They sent me home the same way I came in. I had to ask for something different to try for nausea (I would have thought that would have been a given since I was talking about having nausea and vomiting).

The Discharge sheet they gave me said to go to the ER if, "you pass out while sitting or lying down" if you have multiple episodes of syncope. Well, they sent me home with the very same things they tell you to go in for!!!!!!

I am so tired of being treated so poorly!!!! Will the medical community ever educate themselves?? I kept trying to explain to the Dr and the nurse and they both acted to busy to care.

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Guest sonotech

I am soooo sorry that you had such a horrible experience. I think that ER personnel TOO OFTEN dont listen to patients, and like you said "are TOO BUSY" to care.

They reallly DO need to be educated on this condition cuz I think that B4 we are "diagnosed" with POTS, we are actually taken more seriously than after.

Are there any OTHER local hospital ER's that you can go to??

EMS will take you to whichever hospital you request.

You really sound like you need some HELP!!!

Maybe get a family member or friend to go to hosp with you so THEY can demand tx and fight for you since you are too weak!!

I hope you can get some help!


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I've had the best luck at small hospitals with tiny ER's. Most of the time those places are less busy, and they don't get major traumas like car accidents, or drug overdoses so the doctors are less jaded and frazzled. It took me several months after I moved, but I've found a little ER about 10 mintes away from my house and the triage Nurse actually remembers my name! (I've only been there twice).

I've been to big hospitals and ALWAYS had bad experiences. Now I only go to small ER's.

I'm so sorry for your ordeal. It sounds like you still need help though, can you get back to a (smaller) ER?



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I am sooo sorry to hear about your experience. It sounds like you are having a very difficult time.

I have also had bad experiences at the ER. One trip they actually said I was just having Anxiety!! I was so weak that I was laying on the bed not moving, not able to hardly speak. I was definately not having anxiety.

The Doctor did not even know what POTS was!

I also suggest that you take someone with you. They are able to speak for you and really push the doctors to do something...

It sounds like the ER's all over have the same problem.

I hope you are able to get some assistance today.

Feel better.


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That is horrible! I am so sorry you had to go through it - I agree when everyone suggested finding another ER to go to....and tell your cardio what happened, maybe he can pull some strings or will have suggestions.

Good luck....I wish there was more we could do

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Thanks for the support guys!! I'm so thankful I have this site to turn to for support because it's too frustrating to deal with alone :)

I live in a large metropolitan area so there are no "small" hospitals. The ER closest to me has been more helpful in the past but the problem I run into there is if I get admitted the cardiologists who are called in don't know what to do for me and don't feel comfortable with my case yet, they don't want to let MY Dr advise them because they don't want to admit they don't know.

It's very political around here because the hospitals are angry/fighting/competing especially for cardiac patients. You would think this would make them all better but so far it hasn't worked that way.

I'm afraid if I go to another ER I will be exused of "dr. hopping" (not to mention I DREAD them trying to find another vein to get access from for either blood work or an IV because they blew two yesturday and I don't have any good veins left).

I'm considering writing a letter to the management of the ER I went to yesturday and maybe I will include the fact that if they are wanting to compete to show they have better cardiologists (which they DO in the outpatient setting) then they need to do some educating with the ER.

Meanwhile, I've passed out once today already. I called my cardio's office to tell them what happened and I was told someone would call me back "sometime today but it could even be this evening".

Thanks for reading and letting me vent!!!

PS....Why do Dr's, even when they admit they don't know anything your disorder, get so threatened by the fact that we have done the research, (in my case have been to both Mayo and Vandy so I have confirmed diagnosis and an outlined treatment approach) but yet they brush you off because THEY don't understand and are too lazy to look this stuff up themselves?

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hi pooh,

i'm so sorry that you're in so much trouble. i don't understand the doctor's thing either. i suppose they think that they know best and don't want to admit that they don't. it's much easier to work with a doctor than them to work against us.

wish you better days to come (and soon!)

corina :)

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I am sorry you had a bad experience at the ER. I can relate to your situation. It is so frustrating to have helpless doctors involved in our case. When I was medical shows (ie House, ER, etc.) it always seems that doctors care about difficult cases. Reality is different!

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I can also relate and I am horrified by some of the posts that I read here.

I've worked in an ER and when I was there they also treated some patients poorly. I eventually left because of the way people were being treated and I couldn't do anything about it.

Not all ERs are that way. I have met some wonderful people (usually more staff than docs).

This is a tricky syndrome and even people who have known me forever still ask what exactly I have.

Just don't ever feel that it is something about you. It is all of us and this whole syndrome. It is about time, stress, workload and the state of medical education. It is our burden to educate and that is very hard when you are very ill.

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Guest sonotech

I know how EXTREMELY frustrated you are, but you REALLY NEED HELP NOW!

I dont think it is safe for you to be that dehydrated and passing out all over the place, you could get hurt.

If you go to another ER I dont think they will see it as "DR hopping" especially if they dont know that you went to another hosp already, and if they DO know, then tell them what your discharge papers said and that you didnt feel that you got sufficient Tx cuz they were too busy (or dont understand your condition).

Pleeaase...take care of yourself, and dont worry about what THEY think.


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Sorry for your bad ER experience.

There are "No choices" of hospitals where I live either. One in a town of 80,000 people! the er wait is OFTEN 7-8 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A second hospital closed 5 years ago and it is regrettable.

I hope you can see your doctor soon and the the problem resolved.

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I am so sorry this happened. Unfortunately most Er's have a cynical outlook and a treat em and street em approach. Unless you can cause some excitement by going into cardiac arrest, they really aren't interested.

I had the head of the ER call me once because I complained about my treatment, and she asked if I had any suggestions. I said yeah, get rid of all your burned out, cynical, everyone's a druggie, mentality people and start with with some fresh one's that actually care. She hung up in a huff, but it's true.

If I walked into one of our Er's to visit someone after hours, I'd be asked on my way through if I wanted morphine before I was discharged. They don't like you, they don't want to know you, they want to get rid of you ASAP.

I am talking about the Er's in my city. One of which was voted best cardiac hospital in the state and the Pacific northwest.....That says a lot right there, doesn't it....

I hope your cardio calls and gets you some help sooner than later. I can't believe no one will get you into a gastro! Even our docs aren't that bad...morgan

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Guest Julia59

I would write a letter to the hospital administrator or president, and tell them that the ER staff sent you home when you were NOT STABLE, and treated you like you were in there for something minor-------(I would hardly call the state you were in minor, and i'm not anything close to a "medical professional").. You can do this via e-mail, and it will get there a lot quicker. Put something---(shock and awe) in the subject box when you e-mail them so it gets their attention quickly.

I'm so sorry you had to deal with such ignorance by people who actually think of themselves as "medical professionals".

I hope you find help for your symptoms soon---and you can get some rest. That is just plain bullroar-------------terrible, terrible stuff.


Julie :0)

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Hindsight is 20/20, they say, and one thing I would have done differently with all my ER visits in the beginning was NOT to tell the ER what prior/other ER docs had said. Once they hear the word "anxiety" that is all they will see in you. If they hear that nothing was done, they may think nothing really needs to be done.

Just say what is happening at that moment and that you need some relief. Or that is how I would do it if I were to do it again for me.


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