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Help! Survival Hints And Tips- In A Deep Pots Hole, And Perfect Timing:

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Hello everyone

Can anyone recommend anything to help with exhaustion, being in a POTS hole an having ultra achy joints? I amnow using wrist splints on both arms for typing, but still the pain is there. I can't take any stronger meds cos then my thought processes are affected. I feel SO tired now,and only woke up at noon today! I need to be able to do 16 hour days every day next week to get my work done, but my body won't let me do it. HELP!

I'm in the throes of two assignments, 7000 words each- in total, worth 50% of my degree. One is just about done, bar conclusion and bibliography, so I'm less worried about that. The other one I had planned to start last week but it never happened- my crushing chest pain came back. I went home for a few day and my mum thought I was choking- I was sick with the pain. But it went away, so I'm back in Oxford getting ready to start my second assignment. I knew what I was doing until I carried out more research- there is so much to say and I don't know how I will do it.

I could if I was firing on all fours but I am SO tired. I've taken to napping at 6pm which is mucking up my sleep patterns good and proper. But I just feel so weak and exhausted. I think it's the anaemia again but I'm not really sure. I just feel SO exhausted. I think my other essay is good but this one isn't even begun yet- and through no fault of my own, either! Grrrrr.

Any hints or tips gratefully received!

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Guest sonotech

Unfortunately with this disease I have learned that sleep is VERY important, so I think you need to rest (at least right now) as much as possible until the symptoms get better.

Maybe try some multi vitamins or extra iron ( it couldnt hurt) especially if you are anemic.

Also, try and eat frequent meals to give you body (and brain) an extra boost.

It might be helpful to take a STRONGER pain med just at night before going to bed, cuz I know that pain can really wear you down both mentally AND physically and maybe taking the med when you wont NEED to concentrate may give your body enough of a break from the pain so that you dont get AS worn down.

Hope you get some relief!!


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So sorry that POTS grabbed you and is choking you!! Wish we could get it to back off! It stinks when we can't take a vacation from our sx, and just when we need to pour on the steam, it ups and gives orders.

You will make it through this. YOU HAVE TO!

Next week you can collapse. (Is this true?? :blink:)

For anemia: liver? (preferably organic) I think I've heard that it can be whirled in the blender with other stuff (maybe beets, they also have iron) to make it palatable and then drunk down (and maybe chased by something tastier?) Okay here's the link for the liver recipes, but warning! They have some for raw liver, which I am not recommending (as if cooked wasn't bad enough!) There's something for everyone. :)http://www.westonaprice.org/foodfeatures/liver.html

Well, you don't need a doctor for it!!

Also, nettle tea is for iron.

Sleepy teas are valerian (tastes bad, just remember, it's your medicine), lemon balm (yum!), passionflower, oat straw (tastes slightly like oatmeal, so good with milk and honey) and, of course, the standard chamomile.

I also suggest laying down whenever possible, even if it's for less than five minutes, to quiet that overactive sympathetic side, and enable you to get more sleep when it's time.

Best wishes for this week, may you sleep well and find some unexpected reserve energy.

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Or other more veggie-friendly iron solutions such as iron sublingual supplements, pulses, wholemeal bread, sultanas, spinach, etc. eaten with an orange, red capsicum or other vit. C-rich food.

For the joint pain and concentration, is there any way that you can do your typing lying down or in a recliner? Moving around hurts my joints more, so maybe just something as silly as setting up camp around your workstation so you've got what you need nearby might help? Of course, this doesn't include getting to classes, unless you're in the chair this week.

Other than that, I don't know.. I'm not really a great example as I'm currently taking this term off, but I'll send you lots of virtual hugs and good luck vibes!!

I'm sorry about your weekend, but good that you got to go home. :(:)

Hope this week works out for you and your body cooperates.

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It seems our bodies have such a hard time dealing with stress of any kind. My vow renewal was a wonderful day. I wasn't nervous of course, but i was very happy. Apparently even very happy sets off the ans.

It seems whenever you have a huge assignment due or something big in school, you feel your worst. I am thinking that no matter what the trigger, anything with emotions sets us off.

I can't tell you how to fix it. You are very determined to finish school, and I guess that means you are going to continue to have these very bad periods. Not fair, but the way it is. We can't control our body like we'd want to, surges and faintings and whatever happens whether it's a good time or the worse time for them. Our environment is a huge factor.

You really want this and you love it, so I guess you will have to deal with these awful times. There was no way I was backing out of my renewals even though I fainted 6 times that day. To me it was worth it and I'd do it again. But i did do it with the knowledge that I was going to pay a price for it.

I guess we all need to decide if what we want is worth the havoc it wreaks on our bodies. Whether it's school, vows, marriage, having a baby, moving, whatever it is. Because our bodies don't differentiate between good stress and bad stress. Stress is stress and off we go.

Get lots of rest and recline when you can. Good luck on your paper. morgan... Sorry about the spelling, not doing so great myself

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I know what you mean about the stress, but I think a lot of this has to do with the anaemia which I have deveoped while studying. I found out anaemia is the worst thing that can happen to POTS people cos it depletes our blood volume even more.

Yep, I *am* determined to do this stuff because I love it- the POTS will have to just naff off!

For some reason it's harder to control at times when I'm busiest- I guess because I have to devote energy to other stuff, and am less able to conserve it.

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Hi, Persephone,

Do you think getting some iv fluids during this time would help? You had said earlier that you have a local hospital that knows about dysautonomia- do you think they could help you out with some fluids?


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