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Ideas For The Pots Mascot


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[Preface: this is what happens with no sleep/too much sleep/my brain on POTS and a cold....]

What do think the POTS mascot should be?

A lion, for our bravery? A squirrel, 'cause it drives you nuts? A snake, 'cause it sneaks into your life? Or some weird hybrid?

Could it be an oak tree--for our strength, or a willow tree--for having to be flexible?

A grain/beach of sand for the seemingly never-ending saga of what this illness does to us? Or a slab of granite for our fortitude?

What mascot(s) would most define your POTS experience and why?

Love and light,

The ever-questioning LL :)

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Guest CyberPixie

Like the sound of the oak tree but I think something soft on the inside to represent how ill and weak it makes us but something strong on the outside or maybe otherway round? I dunno, too early for me, the clocks went forward here in UK last night so we lost an hours sleep, grr!

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Toughie. Little like riding a roller coaster with its peaks and valleys, or a hobby horse that I get flung off from time to time.


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I'm thinking about a HUGE, butt-kicking millipede, that's still kinda smiley, with a whole bunch of shoes......it just seems another shoe drops when I least expect it!

Oh, do I need to go to bed and get over this cold or whatever it is. :blink:

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