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Neurological Tests


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I wanted to know if anyone has had neurological testing done, other than the tilt table test (i've had that done pretty recently about a month ago.) I have to go to a neurologist that specializes in dysautonomia and I am supposed to have a bunch of neurological testing done, I'm kinda freaked out because i don't know what to anticipate. Can anyone give me a heads up on what they've been through? The only thing i can say of what I do know is i'm assuming the tests will be focused on my GI and Bradachardic problems maybe? however i also get headaches and weakness in my hands and legs as well as feeling i can't get enough air in my lungs..the list goes on and on. Any info would be greatful. Thank you!

p.s. has anyone after having testing done started any meds that helped them out?

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My husband had an MRI and MRA of the brain and an EEG. Following another syncope episode he had a sleep deprived EEG where he had to stay awake for 24 hours first - try that without any alcohol or caffein :angry: . Other than the 24 hours awake, the tests were not uncomfortable. Everything was "normal" and they ruled out TIA's (mini-strokes) which was a good thing.

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