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Just The Opposite Of Not Enough Sleep


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I agree with CyberPixie that if I dont get enough sleep, life is horrible. But I have also noticed that if i get TOO much sleep, life can be horrible to.

I know that might sound weird (but all of our symptoms do).

My husband and I have an 8 month old and so sleep is something I bargain for and I notice on the weekends when my husband lets me sleep all morning, I wake up and for the rest of the day, im passing out or feeling fog headed or struggling to stay coherent. I used to love to sleep in, but now I see no benefit from it. Its as if there is this perfect amount of sleep for me and if I get too much or not enough, there goes my day.

I was wondering if anyone else had that happen to them.

Well I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!

God Bless,


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Hi Jaime,

I tend to go from one extreme to the other. Some days I sleep way to little or I don't get quality sleep, and then other days I sleep most of the day... I usuallly have water next to me so I drink some when I get up, that usually helps me feel better.


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Guest CyberPixie

Yeah, I do find if I have too much it makes me worse. Optimum is 8 - 8 1/2hrs for me. Though I can get by on 7 1/2 and occasionally feel better for it. Anything more than 9hrs and I feel more tired and drained and just rubbish!

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I think the problem with lying prone for too long is that you become more dehydrated, and perhaps your body becomes so adjusted to lying down that it is more stressful when you become upright. I find the same thing--sleeping in for too long is not beneficial. I also have read that if a POTS patient sleeps for longer than 9 hours that their hydration becomes compromised--I can't remember where I saw this--some Johns Hopkins literature I think. Perhaps you need to try napping for a short interval in the early afternoon instead of sleeping in longer in the AM? I find a short nap is more restful (like 20 minutes). Otherwise, perhaps getting up and drinking some fluids and then going back to bed might make you feel better later when you get up.


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Guest sonotech

Just getting out of bed in the morning can be the biggest challenge, so sometimes it seems easier to just NOT get out of bed and thats when it messes me up.

I have learned that when I start to have body temp regulation problems in the morn, then I have slept TOO LONG.

For instance, I will keep waking up cold one minute and sweating the next. It seems that when I start waking up frequently (like every hour) that I am just making myself go back to sleep cuz I feel its easier than getting up.

So I dont go by "hours", I pay attention to my body: how often I am opening my eyes, and body temp regulation changes. When I have let myself sleep too long I also feel WORSE>


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Yes............I feel the same way.

Sometimes I wish I could sleep the whole day! Then when I get more then 8 hrs I feel worse.

I noticed if I get 6 hrs of sleep and take a 1 hr nap when I start to feel yucky then I feel ok.

The problem I have is not wanting to get out of bed. Mornings are hard on me. I never wake up feeling refreshed. :)

I wonder if we all went to bed at 6 am and woke up around 2 pm if we would be better off?

LOL it's a nice thought anyway.


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