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Out Of Body/lightheaded Experiences


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Hi! I just wanted to ask if anybody else also experiences this feeling. Where you are shaky feeling inside but along w/ lightheadedness that you are having an out of body feeling - that you are not grounded at all and there is this feelling of movement inside your body trying to get out. I don't know if I have explained this but I would like to know if others experience something similar. Thanks for any comments. I feel I am all alone in this feeling. It is far more disturbing than lightheadedness.

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I get this feeling all the time. Yes, it is scary. I know for me, it's associated with a sudden drop in pulse/blood pressure, after a supine tachy episode/ adrenaline rush. I've had a hard time explaining it as well, so I usually just tell people it feels like I'm dying (which is abstract and sounds dramatic, but gosh darnit that's what it feels like!)

One of my hospital stays, I was on a heart monitor when it happened, my pulse shot up to 105-110ish, then down to the low 50's (all while I was laying down). I'm not sure what my blood pressure was doing, but I could feel it dropping.

I've learned not to get too freaked out by this feeling, it usually passes. It's kind of cool to know I'm not the only one who feels this way :)



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Glad I'm not alone! This definately happens to me, especially when I'm going to be sick. I think its my bodys way of trying to say that I'm not gettting blood to my brain and I need to lie down. Its sooo scary!!


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I experience this too. It's one of the most disturbing symptoms! Today it happened while I was reclining in a chair and it lasted about 45 minutes....I couldn't really talk or move or anything (at least I felt like I couldn't but I could actually move if I had too). It's really scary! All I did was stare straight ahead of me.

You're not alone,


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wow, I'm glad I'm not alone, too!

I was asked to describe this (What is POTSy?) and I said it's like feeling the core of your being being sucked to China and the whole of your body floating to outer space (like Major Tom in the David Bowie song) :)

and I can feel it all happening, see it happening and can't do a dang thing about it. I feel semi-paralyzed when this is happening. It scared the beejeepers outta me the first hundred times it happened. Now, it happens w/ every syncopal or near-syncopal incident. I just kind of let go and don't fight it, remembering I always come back, as hard as that is. I second Lauren's advice, don't let it freak you out too much. (Easier said than done, I know) Your spaceship knows which way to go.

Hang in there, Susan! (and all of us floaters!) (((((HUGS))))))

Peace and courage,

Lulu :)

(from Space Oddity by David Bowie)

"This is Major Tom to Ground Control

I'm stepping through the door

And I'm floating in a most peculiar way

And the stars look very different today

For here

Am I sitting in a tin can

Far above the world

Planet Earth is blue

And there's nothing I can do

Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles

I'm feeling very still

And I think my spaceship knows which way to go"

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Lulu you are a riot, I love reading your posts.

On the topic - YES YES YES I get this feeling when I get tired or am getting ready to go to sleep, and I had such a hard time describing it to my doctor, he sent me for an EEG. Still no results, and of course it didn't happen while they did the EEG, but oh well.

It actually kept me up past 3 AM one morning because I was vibrating and rocking internally and would finally drift off to slepp and feel like the "spaceship" had taken off and it would jolt me awake. I literally felt like I had left my body, and it scared the heck out of me. I have only had it a few times not associated with sleep...but like everyone said, try not to freak out and know it will pass and you are not dying (even though it feels that way!).

I actaully take Ativan the minute start to feel that way, and it helps. When in doubt, sedation works for me:) JK

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I am so happy that I found this post. This symptom is one of the things that scares me the most. When I describe it to the docs. they just stare at me.

It happens pretty often. I can hear people talking to me but I cannot answer them. It's like I'm just floating around inside and my body is immobile. Just a shell lying there. It is soooo scary. I'm glad to hear it is not just me.

You have been a great help to this newbie.


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hi I thought i'd jump in on this topic as well.. I experience out of body type things when my symptoms are very severe.. or when i an having severe anaphalctic reaction to medications.. I believe mine happen b/c my Bp just bottoms outs.. and my body well feels like it is dying.. and it disconnects in an attempt to survive??

i'm not really sure..

but for me.. I will typically feel very bad on the potsy front.. my that i mean I'm will be so beyond cold.. that i'm cold from the inside out..... and my whole body )especially my feet) will be like ice.. and it is the painful coldness too... my insides will feel like they are jumping around inside my body.. internal shakes.. and it will move to the outside of my body. where i shake uncontrolably... no amount of blankets on me will warm me up.. Once a few summersw ago this happened on a hot august summer day.. mind you its realy hot and humid outside.. and i'm burried under a sea of blankets!

But anayways I will shake uncontrollably..and I will get the chills.. and goose bumps all over.. I will start to feel fuzzy headed.. and my vision will start to go haywire.. I tend to get a very loud buzzing in my ears.. and the hsaking will get much worse.. i pass out... but during the passing out my inner self kind of like floats out of my body..

if this makes any sense.. i am disconnected from my body..literally.. I will float above my body and see my self laying there unable to move.. but I'm am able to think..does that makes sense? i'm aware.. very aware of what is happening..but i can not move.. not even if i wanted to.. i do not know how long these things last.... Only that the first time.. it happened to me.. tht I was having a severe reaction to a medication.. and I really thought that i was dying.. or totally loosing my mind..

b/c right before I returned to my body.. and stopped floating above it.. I got an overwhelming feeling of love -peace and comfort..(remember--severe reaction to meds!).. and I thought well my god if I am going to die today that i'm not going to die alone..they were feelings that were beyond anything that you can feel with human contact..I dont know how to explain it other then it was a spirtiual thing that happened to me that day.. aside from the allergic reaction... But when i felt that "feeling" i felt a warmth rush thru my body.. and i felt calm once i returned to a normal state of being.. and i was not freaked out..I have no other explaination for it other then it being a higher power intervention..b/c I think that i should have died that day.. but some reason I did not..

so once i returned to my body.. I could breath normally again.. and i had stopped shaking uncontrollably..i tend to be very weak after one of these things happen and will tend to sleep for several days afterwards..

I hope you all dont think I am nuts sharing my expereince with you.. but.. they happen often now... especially when I paralysis during syncope.. it used to be once once in a great while.now its happens on aregular basis.. and its still freaks me out.. but i dont fear it..b/c i know that i'm not dying! even though i'm disconnected from myself i'm fully aware and able to think.. I get little spells and big spells..

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I certainly have episodes like this. It's funny because before I was diagnosed, my cardiologist asked if I ever got light-headed. I told him "no", so he chose not to do a TTT. Now, if he had asked if I had "out of body experiences", then the answer would have been "absolutely"!

The last time it happened, I was on the recumbant bike, but I just kept on going, and it got better. For me, i think the episodes are from blood not going where it needs to go somewhere in my brain. I am one of those FREAKS, whose BP goes UP with exercise or standing, so I know my blood vessels are capable of constricting. My guess is that there are constricting too much somewhere, causing the out-of-body sensation.

Many times when this happened, and I almost DID pass out (got tunnel vision), I was lying down. That just confounded the docs. Many docs think that POTS is POSTURAL, therefore we should be asymptomatic when lying down. We need them to know that we have symptoms in all postures!!! Agh!!

See you in the clouds!


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Me too, me too :blink:

I started getting these episodes when I was 7 months pregnant. I thought I was just dehydrated and my doctor said that was what my problem was. So that's what I thought for two years.

I breastfed for the first year and thought the baby was taking everything from me and this is why I always felt like I was.

After I stopped breastfeeding however, I knew there was something wrong with me and went to the doctor.

When I told the doctor my symptoms I must have really confused him because he wrote me a perscription for an antinausea medication.

I finally decided to change doctors and when I called my insurance company, they told me there was a doctor who was both a family doctor/cardio. I made an apointment, and here I am. He listened to me and fought for answers.

I haven't been dx as of yet, but I guess we are all at this end at one time or another.

Thanks, Amber

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