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Finally Going Rochester Mayo Clinic

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It is amazing how much a doctor can really make in a persons like. I have done so much fighting this last year with insurances and doctors. I had a Neuro and Gastro that were let me put it as nicely as I can here, like JERKS, My gastro even though the tests showed Slow gut motility, he had me flagged for possible eating diorder, Becuase I was a bulimic many many years back. Like over 12 yera ago! So he has me go threw a special eating diorder evaluation. That is when I decided I would do it to appease him and I would also seek a new Gastro. That was a motnh ago. The evaluater laghed at me. NOT in a bad way. AND said what the heck are you doig here. So now even though I am all clear of any type of eating disorder he thinks I need further personality testing! FOR WHAT!? FOR HEAVENS SAKES!?

Well While that is all going on. I had called the Mayo again and asked how much longeer it may take to be seen. Well they gave me the same old song and dance. Well there is such a long waiting list and it could take up to a year. I said well that is what I was told 4 months ago when I called. Actually that is what I am told every time wheeen I DO CALL!

So I got this NEW GASTRO and I LOVE him. He is very understanding, patient, listens, ets... I just had my second visit with him on Monday. He asked me.............HAS any one of your doctors ever spoke to some one there in your behalf. I said no. Wednesday I get this Phone call from The Rochestor Mayo clnic :D They were calling me to set up an apointment with me :) I am still in shock!

WOO-HOO My apt. is May 9th. Any advice from anypne would be great. What to bring, not to bring, etc........ Are Mayo shuttle free or cost money?

I have such an andrenalin surge. PINCH ME SOME PNE LOL!!

BY eveyr one



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Great news, INDEED.

I have never been to Mayo but just wanted to say I am glad a doctor went to BAT for you.

It will be a long journey and I am sure many here that have been there can give you tips for the journey's around the hospital campus. Keep us posted. :D

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I am not sure. I am seeing a Gastro and NEUR. I will go with no expectationnsss aand lots of patience LOL

Once every thing is done and set in stone I will let ya know more details.



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Congrats on getting the appointment. What I did when I went to Mayo I called and they sent all the info of hotel close by, and place to eat ad so on. We stayed in the Kaler ( not sure on the spelling) but in you to the subway floor from the hotel, there is a walking path to Mayo, so you never have to go outside. PLus there is place to eat there to, so you don't have to go far, and you don't need a car.

Good Luck!


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