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I am so upset!

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I haven't posted in a while (been busy finishing up final exams and working part time) but I wanted to get on the boards today and see how everyone was doing =) Anyhow, I had started working for my POTS doctor at the beginning of March, it was just part time but I loved the feeling of being able to work again, since I haven't had a job in over 2 years- basically since I've had POTS. Everything was going great and then I find out the day before I was supposed to work, that they are shutting down the office that I was working in since he is so overloaded with patients he can't handle running so many offices. And I actually found out from a patient, the office didn't even bother to let me know! When I called, they told me that they were fully staffed in the other offices so there really wasn't anything they could offer. It just isn't fair- I work less than 2 months and now I'm jobless again- and working those few hours a week was hard enough on me, I don't think I could handle a real job where I wasn't surrounded by POTS patients and my understanding doctor- he had even offered to let me bring the baby to work, although I didn't usually. I am just pissed and wanted to vent!! No more jobs :)

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Oh Jessica, I am soooo sorry to hear about this. I know you were so excited to get this job. Please do keep in touch with your POTS doctor...they are bound to have another opening eventually. And, while you probably don't want to think of it at the moment, there are other jobs out there that you might really enjoy.

Sending cyber-hugs your way.


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Dear EthansMom,

Thank you for sharing your story, we each learn so much from each other's victory and challenges. You have every right to feel betrayed and abandoned, they should have told you about the office closing.

However, I believe in synchronicity and I feel a wonderful opportunity is in store for you.

Keep in mind how successful you were on the job. It was difficult most days but you did it anyway. You proved to youself that you are going to determine your own limits and not let POTS limit your life.

Give your little one a big hug and give yourself a pat on the back. You are a pioneer on the frontline of this POTS adventure.

Good thoughts your way,


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Dear Jessica,

I am so sorry that you lost your job. I think you were treated poorly in that you had to find out from a patient!

I have lost jobs. In fact one job I had I quit and then came home and cried because I couldn't imagine how I was going to get another one that I could handle with the POTS. However, I DID get one. And when I quit that one because I couldn't handle the work environment due to my chemical sensitivities, I just sat at home in shock thinking, "I will never get another one I can manage." Well that turned out not to be true. I ended up with another one.

I am a lot older than you. In fact, I have kids older than you! One thing that living has taught me is that everytime something ends, it opens a door for something new to come in. That something new might not have ever come along if that door wasn't open. So the third time I quit/lost a job that I was sure was the last one I would ever get, I was disappointed and sad to see it end, but I was NOT worried. In fact I was curious to see what was going to waltz in next! I ended up starting my own business that I do from home and I have made money doing it. Now I have just got patent pending status on a product I thought up. And I am starting a company to produce and sell it. I think I am crazy. I don't know where this venture is going. I don't know if it will be a failure, or any kind of success. But I am pushing ahead. I have actually learned from all my past experience to not worry if it works out or not. If it doesn't, I will do something else.

Do you honestly believe that a year from now you will not have moved on to something else? Believe me, you will. And if you find that what you have moved on to is not as good as what you left behind, have patience and know that the new thing, good or bad, is temporary. You have many roads left to walk, even with your disabilities.

One thing I have now that I didn't have at your age is patience. Now I can wait and see what is coming because I KNOW that something is. The only thing we can count on in living is change. Just hang in there.

Oh, and it can also help if you stand in that open doorway and look out for opportunity rather than passively wait for it to knock.

You will find something.

I know

Michigan Jan

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Hi, Jessica. Boy, those last posts were so good! I hope they made you feel better and more hopeful about the many wonderful surprises life has in store for you--in the world of work and beyond. I can't blame you for venting...that was a really crummy thing to have happen, and I was sorry to hear about this new development.

But may I also say that I was happy to hear your voice return to the board? :) I've been wondering about you and about what's been going on. Did your exams go well? I've been inspired (on other posts) by the story of your pregnancy and by what being a mom means to you. (I'm heading into a second IVF try this month, and I love hearing that people can do OK! Of course, I've got 20 years on ya, and don't I wish my body was 22 again!)

Anyway, chin up and keep the faith and give that Ethan-boy a smooch on the cheek! And let us know what happens next!


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jessica, so sorry and what a way to find out! i had a similar experience and know how disheartening it can be. what jan says is true, you are still very young with many chances ahead of you. hang in there and something is sure to come up. i know we can all get very

discouraged, and it's nice to have the support of people who understand. there will be something better for you, and having worked in offices, i can tell you from experience the turnover is very high, so there is a good chance there will be another opening there before long, if that's where you want to be. morgan

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Hey Jess, the first thing I though was how cool for you that you got the chance to work again for a while! However, I can see why it's such a bummer right now. Hey, you never know what's around the bend... try not to be too discouraged.

I know that when I lost my position at my old job, I was completely devestated. I had been out of work 6 mos, had gone back and then needed to go out on leave again only about 6 weeks later...they couldn't hold my position for me anymore and gave it to one of my coworkers. I did still have a job, but it wasn't *MY* job. Funny thing is, when I finally came back a year later, I ended up liking my new position better than my old one.

Things happen--try to roll with it. Something else may come along and you'll be ready for it when it does!

BTW, missed you here on the board. Nina

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Thanks everyone for your kind words =) I totally knew that all of you would understand!! I am going to see what else comes along in the near future, but am going to take the next few weeks to enjoy the warm weather we've waited so long for, before it gets too hot. My main project for the summer anyhow is to find a college to go to for my undergrad...I am going to post on that separately though. You guys are all great!

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