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Visit To U Of Minnesota - Good Doctor


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If anyone else lives in Minnesota, I visited with Dr. Bendett at the U of M today. It was so great to have an expert in the field. I was told that he wrote the european guidelines for POTS.

I will be repeating a tilt table test in April, so he can see how I respond when different drugs are administered. This was not done at my first TT.

I am not looking forward to doing this test again, because the first one made me extreamly weak for 2 weeks. (Not administered by a POTS expert)

I have been impressed with the U of M clinics, because they follow-up and set treatment plans for their patients. When I went to Mayo in the past, my PCP was in charge of my treatment plan.

I hope this helps others looking for a specialist in this area.


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Good Luck! I just found a good primary care doctor and was referred to a cardiologist immediately in the group who knows of Dr. Grubb and Dr. Bell. Already had a tilt table within 2 weeks! I guess more and more doctors are finally catching on. I have suffered with cfs issues for 10 years. The test wasn't too bad, he used sublingual nitroglycerin and I didn't have much discomfort at all. I am not an extreme case, I guess. But that night me and my daughter both got a stomach bug and I still feel so weak and I have been crying alot. I can't stand being this "down". Yeah for all the great docs people are finding. Try not to worry!

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