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Forgot Meds Today...

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Okay, I think I have finally had it. I have been on the phone all day with disability, etc. basically getting the run around. I'm sure you guys can relate. I forgot to take my meds....and family and friends and just everything I've had it with.

I made an apptmt to talk to a therapist, because things are too out of control right now. I feel like I am going crazy, but I know I'm not....does this make sense?? I did find out some weird news....

I am on medicaid and I called to check on something and they said that social security disability put me in for insurance...weird because I talked to them today (said I would have a decision weeks ago...right they still haven't finished my claim just the physical part not mental part) and they said that I still have no decision because they are waiting for mental part, because my docs put in that I have anxiety due to illness....no wonder huh?! So, I am hoping I have been approved...who knows! Just venting....

I hope everyone is doing good I am going to catch up on teh posts....


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