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Eye Problem Related To Pots?


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I would be really grateful for any advice on the following. Last Friday I basically missed two "proper meals", and most probably did not get sufficient fluid. Over the weekend I had a really bad migraine. I do suffer from menstrual migraine and so thought that it may be due to this as well. I am used to getting pain and discomfort in the eyes with this, but on Saturday I had a very strange sensation. It felt like hot fluid flowing from the inner portion of the eye to the outer portion and I felt it under the eye near to the cheek bone. I had a pulse varying from rather slow 60 to tachycardia. I am normally when reasonably ok around 78. I have noticed that even a fall to 60 is enough to make me feel rather unwell, and equally a climb even to 100 is enough to provoke bad symptoms. I know that some people on this site have far more dramatic rises and falls than this, but I wondered if anyone was quite badly symptomatic like me within these ranges. I saw my doctor who determined that my problem was not with the eye itself. My blood pressure was 110/65 at this time. I had caught up with my food by this time and had had plenty to drink.

I'd really love to hear from anyone who has had this burning fluid sensation, and also from anyone who is highly symptomatic without a dramatic rise or fall in pulse rate. Also, can missing a meal or having a lighter meal cause POTS?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi MaryJo,

I have had a burning watery eye feeling but don't know if that's what you are dealing with.

The bottom of my eyelids get filled with fluid and feel puffy like I've been crying. I think for me it's more allergies then anything else but I also get migranes.

If I don't eat as soon as I feel hungry I get very weak and dizzy. In fact I gained 20 pounds because I found comfort in eating. My symptoms seem to lessen when I eat small meals throughout the day. Now I just be carefull what I eat so I don't gain anymore pounds.

Hope I have been of some help.


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