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reading my own TTT results from 3 years ago

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Hi everyone-

I just got a faxxed copy of my TTT results and am confused as to what qualifies as POTS.

While supine, HR was 72, when they raised me to 70 degrees, it went up to 85 the first time. THen I was put in the supine position again and it was 75,83, 97, 80, and 100 (in 5 minute intervals) all while laying down. Then they raised me to 70 degrees and my HR was 101, 118, 131, and 127 (at 5 minute intervals). Then 70 degrees to supine, HR was 81, then finally 77.

My blood pressure swung from 117/49 to 95/56 to when they stood me up, then it went up while I was upright and pretty much stayed up, even shooting up to 142/56 the second time they put me at 70 degrees.

So I have no clue what all this means - to have POTS, I know you need a 30 BPM increase, but is there a time limit?? Could someone explain or give their thoughts.....I am schedule for another TTT Friday, so it will be interesting to see how they compare.


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It was 30 BPM exactly in 10 minutes, 101-131, the second time they inclined me. That was also with 50 mg of Torprol XL I was taking at the time. I guess I have POTS? I dunno, I don't want to self DX. I am faxing it to the UVA Dr I'm going to see to make sure he wants me to have another TTT as scheduled this Friday.

Is blood pressure an issue with POTS when standing? The TTT said I don't have VS, but I'm wondering why I get so close to blacking out sometimes when I stand.

And my heart rate seems to go way up while laying flat as well....is that POTS or something else? I have heard others talk about their heart pounding at night before bed, mine does almost evey night. I'm confused.


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I am certain that you need to be OFF of the beta blocker for a couple of weeks before the test. If your heart rate went up the way it did while you were ON the beta blocker, I'd bet you my entire collection of pills, that it would go up the required 30 beats in 10 minutes if you were off of it...

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diana's correct in that a tilt is not generally considered an accurate measure if you were on a beta blocker. i hope you've been given direction in regard to your meds for you upcoming test?

good luck with your upcoming test...

B) melissa

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I concur--the test results are not valid if you're on cardioactive medication, or have had otc agents like caffeine in the 12 hours prior to the test. I was required to be off of everything for 24 hours, and florinef for two full weeks prior the TTT.


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Hi Claire,

Is it just me, or is it strange that they put you down and stood you up more than once???

My doc put me through my first tilt while I was still on 50 mg Toprol XL because I was still having such bad symptoms.. and I still got the POTS dx.. I think if you're on meds and test negative, and they still think you have it, you should be retested off meds, but I think if you fail the test even on meds, then it's valid. She said that if she wasn't sure, then she would have retested me just to make sure, but she didn't want to put me through it again. Oh and you only have to be off beta blockers for about 3 days before your test for them to get out of your sister.. at least that's what Vanderbilt and Dr. Abdallah both told me.

While most of us have some sort of issue with BP, it varies from person to person, and it definitely does NOT have to go down for you to have POTS!

Good luck!!

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Thanks everyone, I was not tested for POTS specifically last time, just vaso syncope (forgot how to spell it), which I tested negative for because I didn't faint. My doctor never mentioned POTS, I was not aware it existed back then.

I have been off Toprol for over a year, thank God cause it made my BP so low I felt horrible, so my test Friday should answer some questions.

Have a good night!

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