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private disability insurance...not ssdc


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I did. They paid me for six months then cut me off after having a form filled out by a doctor I had never seen... I ended up suing and getting a very paltry selltement - considering the fact they were supposed to pay until I was 62.

But I think there are people here who have ben more successful than me.

Mine required me to file for SSDI or they would not pay...

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I believe if you are employed then because of the way things are set up you would have to file your LTD claim first or at least congruently with SSDI if you wanted to receive benefits.

And yes, the two do have different criteria. Generally, your employers plan is easier to get on initially if you have good documentation in your medical records and is much easier to qualify for. However, it is much more difficult to remain on your employers plan after a year or two than on SSDI.

Most LTD plans require you file for SSDI as well (that limits the amount they will have to pay you if you qualify for SSDI)

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I hope I can help a bit. I am benefits consultant and have had to be on LTD 2 times in the past for my illness. I can tell you that you will want to file for your companies LTD benefit first. It usually kicks in before SSD and has a much less strict defintion of disability.

Ask you employer to send you a copy of your LTD SPD. This will be your handbook explaining how your LTD plan works. Your employer must send you a copy, if not they are subject to large fines. Your HR department should be able to help you with this.

If you have more specific questions, I would love to help. The SPD will tell you a lot.

When you go to fill out the paperwork, make an appointment with your physician and fill it out together. Make sure you leave with a copy in hand. I would also have the SPD in hand prior to filling out the paperwork, so you can understand the definition of disability.

Hang in there. I know this is difficult. It is no fun to be so ill you can't work.


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i was on STD through my former employer intermittently in Nov/Dec 2004 and on STD, then LTD entirely since the end of Dec 2004. while at times communications have been rough (VERY rough) getting my claim approved, continued, etc has not really been an issue.

i second the recommendation of getting a copy of the full plan though - not just a wimpy summary - so that you are more "in the know". i didn't have it initially b/c my leaving work was not something i thought out (i ended up in the hospital for several weeks and was never able to return) but it's definitely something good to have.

something to keep in mind is that many plans' definition of disability changes over time. for instance for 2 yrs it may be that you are unable to do your prior job whereas after that it may change to having to be unable to do any job. this varies from plan to plan, etc. there are obviously many other varients as well, i.e. how often you get reviewed, etc.

what others have said re: SSDI is also true. most LTD companies require at some point that you apply (mine was at 6 months) or risk losing benefits. this is a choice that your employer made in purchasing the policy & not just something the LTD is making you do out of spite. it makes the premiums for the plans much more cost-efficient.

hope this helps,

B) melissa

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i/we thank you all for the info. back in may '05, my wife had a stroke (TIA's in consec. weeks) which in turn drove her from her job. std kicked in, but ended up being denied after the neuro cleared her to return during the std timeframe. we did apply for ltd, but the app never got reviewed since std was cut short and now they say we owe them money for overpayment. we now have an attorney. will keep y'all posted.

again, thank you. y'all have been very helpful.

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