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Extreme Nausea...

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Now that the dizziness isnt so severe the nausea has taken its place. My Gastro. doc gave me Protonix to take, but I'm not sure if that is really going to help the nausea....anyone else agree...


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I'm sorry you feel so sick. Not sure if the meds. will help. Just wanted you to know I'm hear for ya.

hopefully you will fall asleep and have a better day tomarrow.


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I guess if he thinks your nausea is related to GERD, it could help.;.. it helped me a lot with burping and coughing! If it's POTS/dysaut. related, then I don't see how it could help. Sorry. Hope you slept some!

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I'm sorry you have such horrible nausea. I go through cycles with mine and sometimes will be on the verge of "evacuating" for days straight. During this time, standing at all makes me gag.

Hopefully the meds will help, and if not, I hope it passes soon. I've learned that sucking on ice seems to help slightly (I don't know why). When I feel really bad, and meds don't work, I get a bowl of ice chips and just start chewing on them. Maybe you could try that?



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Sorry to hear your having a problem with the nausea. Now I'm having problems with the dizziness and the nausea has lessened some. Maybe we switched places. I feel this illness switches systems. If I'm not nauseated I have a migraine, if I don't have a migriane I'm dizzy and so forth.

The acid meds helped me alittle but being on domperidone has helped and I also take nausea meds as needed. I stopped the acid med a few months ago and didn't really notice a difference.

I forgot have you had the gastric empty study?


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