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I feel like this a lot- lately it seems like most of the time, and I never experienced this until I started on meds- Pro-Amatine, Sectral, and a beta blocker. I often wonder if it is a side effect of something I'm taking, or if its just a symptom of POTS. I sometimes feel sort of achy with it too, and I've found that taking ibuprofen really helps the whole thing. I'm not sure what else to say, except that I know the exact feeling you describe. For me, it's not much different than a flu-like sensation. Let me know if you find anything that relieves it!!

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Hello Stacy,

YES, I get tired ALOT!!!. It started befor I was even Diagnosed with Pots. To get out of bed before noon is a challange for me. My arms and legs are very heavy when I'm in bed then when I get up I'm still tired all day. I'ts been happening for so long I'm used to it. My Doctor asked me if I feel refreshed when I wake in the morning, I said Are you Kidding me!!!


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I've had days, even weeks when I've been so weak that it was a struggle just to putter about the house.

If it doesn't pass quickly, you should see your doctor. I once had salmonella for a period of several MONTHS because I just chalked up the exhaustion and GI distress to my malfunctioning autonomic system. I've also had mono twice--both times , the all-over weakness just didn't seem to have any changes, just exhausted and weak all the time--and in hindsight, I should have noticed sooner that there were no bad days or slightly better days, only horrible days. When that happens, it should be a signal to you to see the doctor.

Like I've said before on this board, just because you have an autonomic issue doesn't mean your not susceptible to all the same illnesses at the rest of the population--it just makes it a little harder to sift through your "normal" exhaustion and weakness and something that falls outside of your everyday "normal."

Nina :blink:

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