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flatulance (gas)

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eating meat doesn't cause gas....many vegetables and beans do, bubbly drinks.

Best bet..digestive enzymes, especially if you are older to help things get digested better. As we age we are lower on hydrochloric acid.

Nd activated Charcoal tablets for the actual gas...helps absorb odor and cramping.

They also make special things to put in underwear for this problem. I KID YOU NOT!!

I heard it on a local talk show a radio buddy has...I laughed the entire time but it IS a real problem for many of us!!

Here is a link for the undie filters!


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I'm a veg-head, too :) and I also have IBS, which I think both lend to the problem, of eh-hem, gaseous anomalies in our household. :P

What I found really works best is to figure out which foods make it the worse....and then reduce/eliminate them. Which is a tall order! You can combine them with digestive herbs like ginger, peppermint, fresh parsely or the charcoal, if you don't want to/can't eliminate the culprits totally. It takes awhile to really get it figured out tho. You also may try including L. acidophilus in your diet. It's available in pill form and no longer needs to be refridgerated like it did before. Also, aloe vera juice is good for "smoothing out" your intestines so they're not always "yelling" at you. You can drink full strength or diluted. You might also check into Ayurvedic diets....which are kinda complicated (to say the least) but it's been helpful for me to learn a bit about the ancient theories of eating according to your body type and using diet to keep from getting ill. I think it's fascinating. And very very complicated.

Anyhoo, these are just suggestions of what has worked for me. If it got really really bad (like PAINFUL to me) i have actually used Gas-x or Phazyme. Beano works well, too, if you use it before consuming a "known offender" :P But some folks don't like to take over-the-counter meds like that.

The idea of those charcoal panty filters cracks me up! I wonder if they really work?

Good Luck!

Peace and light,

Lulu :)

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I only SEARCHEd about the filter safter a buddy of mine had the inventor on his radio show. The laughs and questions they thought of for this guest were a scream!!

And apparently there is special underwear for this problem with other filters.

Yep, if it's out there on the net, I can find it, LOL!!

I am the search queen.

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I think I may look into those filters for my hubby....he probably wouldn't like me saying so though :)

As for me - I get bloated after every meal, but I burp instead. Its rediculous, I sound like a beer guzzling frat boy after I eat, and it lasts for hours!

Can you imagine the noises and smells if all of us got together for a meal?? :P

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Do you drink soy milk? Do you eat peanuts? Those are the two biggest offenders that I have found for me. Also, beans give me bad gas. I started getting severe gas (to the point that my husband asked if it was me or the dog, yuck!) about 8 months after developing POTS. My doc thinks I might have mild gallbladder issues, but says there's no reason to do anything about it at this point because I don't have pain in my abdomen. There's also the possibility of malabsorption, which is unusual but worth checking into -- you can have a blood test to look for this, I believe. Those are the two more problematic causes of bad gas, but for most people, it's just an IBS-type thing and a nuisance.

I also have used Beano and charcoal. Charcoal does absolutely nothing for me. I also take acidophilus, which helps promote good intestinal flora. It's cheap, safe and worth a try. Or you could try a container of plain yogurt daily. Good luck, and let me know if you find anything that I didn't mention that works for you!


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ha.ha you guys are a gas! he.he.

NO I dont eat much peanuts. We do eat mostly rice, beans, tempeh, seitan, seaweed, mushrooms, etc.. some tofu but not too much...etc. Difinately veg heads. Tree huggers-R-Us.

I tried gas-x once but it did not seem to help much. I mean my husband actually asked me to stick my keaster outside when I felt a, err, noxious abnormality, coming.... Boy if the neighbors dont think we are weird now.......(-;

It is terrible. I would not care if it werent so noxious.

I love the filters, what a hoot!

Its terrible when you can not stand to be in the same room as your keester. lol

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One other thought. When my mother went to the gastro for the same problem, he gave her five days worth of an antibiotic (once a day, I think), which seemed to kill some of the odor causing bacteria in the gut.

It worked for a while. Then after a while you would need to repeat the course of antibiotics.

I could try to find the name of the antibiotic if you're interested.

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Yea, I was tested for celiac and even went on the diet for a couple months...but at first I thought it helped and then realized it did not.

also some supplements cause gas!! CoQ10, for ENERGY and 5_HTP for sleep issues are just two examples. Oh, and calcium carbonate BIG TIME..and for me the citrate does as well. I sometimes scare my cats with the noise issue. :) My young partially autistic black and white cat Oscar is sensitive to noise. He can be asleep 20 feet away and if you open a pop can or unwrap a noisey candy wrapper--ZOOM! He is gone.

I have awakened the boy out of a sound sleep on the bed! LOL.

Dang, we can't win!!

I need to ask my radio buddy about the 'noise deadening thing'. He called today in fact and had I read this post earlier, I am sure he would've had a field day talking about it on the air.

They usually stay away from bathroom humor but it does come up in the news or with off beat phone guests!! hence the filter deal. He is an older guy in his 60's and usually has a tactful but hilarious way to bring up such issues.

Have you tried some sound insulation in your undies like they use in music studios!! Course, it may look kinda obvious! :):blink:


It could be worse! That Le Petomane dude from France could've been a relative!!!!!!!!!

"Uh, what does YOUR father do for a living?"

He toots around Europe!! ROFL!

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Oh, you guys are too much! I'm trying to go to bed here! Instead, I'm reading these posts, laughing so hard that I'm crying and and it's threatening to wake up my family who have real lives and only have time to sleep at night. :o

:steps on soapbox:

I am of the community that feels that bowel cleansing and management, and pure diet are of the utmost necessity in the treatment of a chronically ill person.

:slinks off soapbox: And, I am currently failing miserably in this department.

:) perimenopause :)

Okay, the following things I CANNOT digest to save my life and will put me into the same group as those who have so freely (and may I say, bravely) described themselves in earlier posts:

Black Olives :blink:!



Sweet/Bell Peppers


Pistachio Nuts

I also struggle with beans, raw or cooked apples (and juice), broccoli (and brussels sprouts, if I ate them) dairy and sometimes potatoes. Beano is of minimal help.

Wind, itself, usually means fermentation, due to poor food combining and incompatible digestion times; or, perhaps, not chewing your food well, swallowing air while eating, or drinking carbonated beverages. Then again, there's gastroparesis. Bad odors usually mean the bowel needs to be cleansed as there is dysbiosis, or in layman's terms: bad things going on in there.

I have ascribed to food combining at one point, and it's a variable thing, but it's wise to NEVER eat fruit with a cooked protein. :ph34r: Fruit should be eaten alone (no watermelon with your hamburger and potato salad :ph34r:!) When having meat at a meal, accompany it with lots of vegetables and go easy on the grains.

There's a lot of other good advice above, if you can wade through the laughter. BTW, thanks for the lift. (I had another good laugh yesterday when my husband pointed me to www.forrestwalter.com/food.html, an article entitled, "Food I Fear.")

Digestion, it's a sensitive subject, often accompanied by ninjas.

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Be Still

I never had such an issue with back door breezes until the last few years!

Hormones in women can UNDO ANY FOOD Combo trick I have sadly found.

Low estrogen or variable surges of the other hormones cause so much havoc, MANY women are dx with IBS during this time. Before this, I an MANY others could eat what we want with no GI upset.

I had to give up beans years ago and I lived on the cheap diet they can create!!!

What's the saying "You can't fool Mother NAture" and the hormonal changes make many women windy! :):):blink::ph34r:

I just hope I never get the nikname Foghorn...though my cats will never tell and I hide this problem the best I can.

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Guest CyberPixie

Oh I'm a real thunderpants. I can trump for the universe! Always have done but it's been worse since the POTS became worse. Still have the little kid inside me thats highly amused by it, especially now when I swear the neighbours could hear it they're so loud :)

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By the request of my family......

I will no longer be reading anything on this post!

My 'problem' tends to increase dramatically as I have stated earlier, when I laugh. :)

My poor family is being traumatized by this post and made me promise not to read anything further on this subject or I will not be allowed anywhere near the computer.

Our two cats are in agreement... <_<

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This is fun.

I know that if I drink apple juice or more than a glass of orange juice I will be a real stinky person. Onions is curious.... We eat a ton of them, like every meal. We also eat tomatoes and mushrooms in about every meal as well...Maybe I should go back to steaks? lol

Then of course there is the chicken vs red meat debate... Bird flu vs mad cow....Maybe lamb?

Futurehope - yea, I would like the name of the antibiotic...if it will work, I am game...

I agree about compression hose....I mean when it is noisy you cant slink away w/o everyone knowing who done it.....lol

My daughter calls me a "tooterpotomous" .

I'll try some of these ideas...

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The generic name of the antibiotic was ciproflaxin AKA Cipro in the U.S. I believe the script was for one 250 mg pill to be used once a day for five days (to be used when it is necessary, such as you're going to a meeting of important people. <_< )

The script is refillable. I could only suppose the doctor uses this on occasion. Who knows?

This kills the smelly bacteria in your gut for a little while, until the poor digestion, or whatever, kicks in again.

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:lol: I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. I think we all needed a good laugh. You all are hilarious!! Sophia, you are a surfing queen. The article about the guy who could suck in gallons of air or water into his bottom and then play music.....the highest paid entertainer in his country.......and the underwear filter. My head is hurting and my stomach is hurting from laughing so hard at all of you.

THANKS TO YOU ALL!!!! I needed to laugh;

Donna :D

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hahhaah these posts make me laugh! :lol:

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