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GI Medications and Thyroid problems?


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Has anyone had any success with different types of Gastrointestinal Disorder medicaitons for motility problems? Mine is specifically that mine is VERY slow and i'm in discomfort when anything pases through my GI Tract. I also have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and am on the lowest dosage of Synthroid 25 mg. Has anyone else been through different GI meds for this type of condition and if so what worked and what did not? Also a side note my hair is a LOT thinner than it was prior to when I got sick. Has anyone else had this happen and did it come backeventually? Being a 20 year old this is a major concern aside from the more drastic symptoms i go through on an every day basis. please let me know if anyone can give any insite on the following. thank you

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An antroduodenal motility study revealed I had infrequent Phase III motility, commonly called the housekeeper function, and I took erythromycin for it at bedtime for an extended period of time (1/4 tsp. in 8 oz. of water at night). It worked pretty well until I became intolerant of it.

After that I tried Zelnorm which made me terribly ill.

I have read on posts here from Dan that there is at least one supplement which may improve GI motility but am not personally familiar with this approach.

The hair loss might be due to the hypothyroidism and I am betting (just my opinion) that you will get your hair back. Stress can cause it to fall out also. So can low estrogen.

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I have had a long history of GI motility problems from Dysautonomia and some over-medication problems that I am currently addressing. The only thing that ever worked for me was Domperidone.

It is not available at your regular pharmacy, you will have to have it made at a compounding pharmacy. I usually get the liquid form and it has worked well for me (though you should talk to your GI doc about it as we all react differently to medications).

It works by stimulating the muscles that empty your stomach. It is due on the regular U.S. market under the brand name Motilium sometime soon. Hope you find some relief and feel better soon. Best,


PS: I am also on Synthroid (137 mcg) as I had thyroid cancer and a complete thyroidectomy back in 1996. My doses have ranged from 125 mcg to 175 mcg. Sometimes I wonder if my higher doses didn't help contribute to my 'day of sudden onset', but will never know for sure.

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Mary Shomon has a good website on thyroid disease ... if I recall it is something like http://thyroid.about.com

I know it has lots on IBS, perhaps some other stuff on low mot.

I have thyroid disease ... .25mg is a very low dose, keep close tabs with your endo until you get your TSH up or rather down to a level that 'feels good' for you.

As for hair loss .... I go through a significant 'shedding' about 3-6 months after a major illness or significant crash. This fall I lost a lot of hair. But fortunately as is the case with most women, mines coming back just fine.

Good luck in your journey as you find out what works for you.


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