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My Little Dog Almost Saved My Life!


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I've written many comments on my best little friend 'Chyna the Chocolate Chihuhua', but yesterday she could very well have saved my life.

I had been out in the morning, and got home around noon - she greated me as normal, but kept running to the laundry room and barking and then coming back to me and then to the laundry room repeatadly. I assumed she was barking at the neighbours dog.

I eventually got up to get to her, and he had cornered a 2 metre long (approx.) Brown Snake in the laundry room (One of the top 10 most deadly snakes in the world).

I guess if it wasn't for Chyna - the snake would either have hidden in the laundry basket (with laundry in it), and I would have had a nasty surprise when I went to fold it, or it would have roamed the house.

Either way, I could have ended up with a fatal bite - and so could she - for some reason, she knew to keep her distance, and although the snake was striking, she kept out of range - She just keeps amazing me!

Luckily, the snake was right by the laundry ranch slider, which was unlocked, so I managed to open it with a very long broom handle, and then 'encourage' the snake outside.

Just wanted to let you know how lucky I am for my little furry friend. :)

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What a little hero!!! Dogs always amaze me, personally I think they are the most intelligent of all animals. I always know what kind of day I am going to have just by the way my dogs act around me. If its going to be a bad day he is immediately by my side hovering over me. If not he's pretty carefree in his actions.

I love them!!



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SNAKES!!!! YIKES!!! I am soo scared of those things and we don't have many of them up here in Massachusetts...Good thing your doggy found the slimy critter for you.


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I hope your pup got some extra hugs and kisses! YUCK!!! Snakes!! I was just watching a show about snake venom and medical issues, and they were "milking" venom from a brown snake... and mentioned that it was one of the most poisonous in the world--with just a drop of venom able to kill a human. Now that's a sobering thought, yes?!

I bet you breathed quite a sigh of relief when that thing slithered away from your house! Good doggie!!!

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