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Gastroparesis due to ANS


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I was diagnosed with IBS years ago. Now I'm having other problems. Trouble swallowing and food getting stuck in my throat. Liquids go down fine but solids (even ramen noodles got hung up in my throat) keep getting stuck. Liquids don't wash the food down, I have to eat something kinda rough with texture.

Over the past several months I've had increasing problems with nausea.

Anyhow, I'm trying to understand the differnces between IBS & Gastroparesis in terms of symptoms. It sounds like maybe the only way to know is by the gastric emptying test.

I get bad bloating when I eat, even when I eat small meals.

I'll be calling around tomorrow to find a gastro. Dr but I wanted to see what experience you guys have had with these issues.

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I have IBS and my symptomes are bloating, cramping, diarrea, constipation, I have so much wrong with me though sometimes I have symptomes for my symptomes.

From what I understand, POTS can have those same symptomes so you probably will have to do that test.

But I'm not a doctor :) . Just trying to be helpful.

Wish ya luck.


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Guest Belinda

Hi Pooh..Gastroparesis is slow motility of the gut from what I understand..and IBS more or less is slow and fast motility of the lower gut (colon etc) more of instability of the process of the food a fter it leaves the gut.

I have both and have a difficult time swallowing food and throat/esophageal spasms and then I hae this problem of severe constipation alternating with severe diarrea.

From what I understand the ANS affects the Enteric system which is also our GI tracts. I feel that the slower my belly is the more spasms I see..

I have been diagnosed with both of what oyu mentioned..I take a few new drugs for this as it has been increasingly irritating to me lately.

I hope you find some relief and hope this helps a little...


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Have you done that gastric emptying study? I have gastroparesis. I was searching for the cause of mine and that's how I got the autonomic dysfunction (neuropathy) dx. They all started at the same time i guess.

Anyways the only sx I have is the nausea. Some can have bloating, full after small meals, vomiting, and throat issues.

I don't think it's the same as IBS.

I know a few people on this site and gastroparesis site that have both ANS problems and GP.

I hope you get the answers you need. Hang in there


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