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Home at last..

Guest Belinda

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Guest Belinda

Hey all my potsy pals..I have discovered a new nickname for myself and will be using it from now on..


That is what my head felt like when I went into the hospital..I drove from Cleveland well south from there to Toledo Hospital where Dr. Grubb is.. I had talked to Bev 's office they suggested I go to the ER so I told them I would be going to the ER where they are located since I was hospitalized like only 2 1/2 weeks ago and they did nothin.

So I did and they admitted me and had me see GI, and notified Dr.G's office. Needless to say I saw him and he did some examination only to disocver I have a MAJOR Librynthitis goioing on(inner ear Infection) mind oyu I clean my ears well and have never had a problem.Never have had ear infections..EVER.

We discussed the throbbing in nose he thinks it is due to the infection because it is in the Innermost part of the ear and is affecting everything..I am telling you even when I laid down my head was spinning.

So they pumped me full of fluids and now I will be on Augmentin for quite a while also put on Reglan,upped florinef to 0.1 2xday,levsin as needed(all the time),and something else..forgot.

Dr. Grubb will adddress my POTS when I return in less than a month. He would like me back at my POTS baseline and says I have enough to deal with..Lovely.

I just want to thank my many friends :( for your support and thoughts..I would be insane without you..

Hugs to all of you..Belinda

P.s. I am like a 2lb. bowlingball head now when I wnet in I waslike a 10 lb one..

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Thank goodness you know what is going on!

I looked up labyrinthitis, because it was new to me, and I had to laugh over the risk factors:

? use of prescription drugs

? history of allergy

? stress

? fatigue

We should all have it!!

Hope you are getting some relief.


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Hi Belinda,

When I had severe vertigo the doctors suspected that I had labyrinthitus....NOT FUN... I am feeling better now as far as the vertigo goes....now if only the rest of the symptoms would simmer down! Glad to have you back here and feel better soon!


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Hi ya bowling ball-head!! I'm most certainly glad that you are feeling better!!



aka--wacky-tachy-dizzygirl.. hehehehehe! :(

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