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Pointers for survivng the trip to Ohio?


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hi folks

I'm sitting here tonight wondering how on earth I am going to tolerate a 6 hour trip to Ohio On monday (one way).. its only about 4 hours driving from where I live.. but I'm taking the greyhound bus..by myself :):) ..and after the potsy day that i'm having today.. I'm like oh man.. the thought of all that stress and traveling makes me tired just thinking about it!!

my bp is running roughly 73/55 today.. and my heart rate is all over the place.. I passed out this evening. and cardionet called and recommended that i go to the ER.. I'm like no.. i'll just be miserable in the comfort of my own couch! they dont know what to do for me anyways!! my pulse is up and and down and all around.. geesh... making me feel more crappy then I allready feel..

SO i'm sitting here thinking how on earth am I going to sit upright on a bus for over 4 hours? then lay over time in cleveland on top of that?? and you dont want to lay down on the floor at cleveland bus station YUCKY!! :wub::) they are dirty for one.. adn there are always some creppy critters roaming the bus station..(i mean bug wise and people wise!! hahaha)..

so any suggestions would be helpfull..i allready do a few things I bring along a cervical neck pillow so that I can lean my head and neck on something.. basically have some support.. i dress in layers.. as the bus can either be too hot or too cold... and i pray that I get 2 seats to myself so that i can prop my legs on the seat.. as I get very uncomfortable if i cant.. my pain level goes way way up.. and i bring sunglasses.. and all my meds on the bus..and plenty of bottles of water/juice/gatorade and stuff like..as well as salty snacks...

and carry my cell phone with me...

a nice thing about this trip out.. is i am hooked up to t his mnonitor.. (and ia always crash potsy wise either during my trip /stay in ohio or with in 48 hours of returning home from ohio.. so I will be hooked up before during and after this time.. thank god for that!

I'm just looking for idea's.. as i'm a bit nervous traveling.. w/ how bad my pots and syncope/paralysis is been.. adn these BP readings they are allover the map!


dizz :)

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Whooh- that sounds like a long, hard trip! Well, based on what you've written it sounds like you already know what to do to prepare. My only other suggestion might be to let the driver know about your situation. He might can help you secure more comfortable seating arrangements (ie, make sure you have room to lay down if needed). Would it be possible for you to take something to sleep the whole trip? I know some of us have to do that or we get severely sick while travelling. What about your infusion? Is there any possibility of "pumping up" before you go? So, I guess I had three suggestions! Anyway, bless your heart for taking this trip alone- take care of yourself. Let us know how it goes when you get back!


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hi linda -

okay, this is random & i don't know if you've already bought your bus tickets, but if splitting your trip between sunday & monday would be any possibility you'd be more than welcome to crash at my place in cleveland. i'm only about fifteen minutes from the greyhound station & depending on the time could probably pick you up/drop you off. i don't have luxury accomadations but i can guarantee that they're nicer than the greyhound station. and my mom's even coming tomorrow to dig me out of the dustbunnies so it'll even be a bit cleaner...

feel free to shoot me a PM or give a ring if it would help at all.

:lol: melissa

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I wish you weren't traveling alone, but at the very least you seem to be prepared for your trip. I also agree that you should explain your situation to the bus driver, that way he may be able to get you 2 seats so you can prop your legs up!!

Do you get car sick? I tend to get sick on long trips, so make sure you bring something for that if you have the same prob. as me. Also, maybe a walkman to "keep your mind at ease." :lol:

I wish you a safe trip and I hope your appointment goes good. Let us know how you make out! If you would like to chat during your ride PM me and I can give you my cell...I know most plans don't have free minutes on weekdays, but if you need someone to chat feel free!! Goodluck!


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I would try to find a friend or volunteer to drive me there. I don't think it is safe for you to travel all alone. Does your insurance cover you if you pass out on the bus? (I don't have any insurance when I cross the border so if I faint in the state it's out of pocket!).

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Boy, if it were me, I'd be begging a friend to take me, or go with me. but if that is just not a possibility, I took a road trip a couple of weeks ago and made it through. I took 2 pillows, 2 xanax, my headset with relaxation music and slept 80% of the time. Just make sure somebody wakes you up!

Also, sometimes ice at my neck stops attacks, so you could keep baggies with you and fill them at rest stops, if that helps you...

Also, my son sings this little Bible song that helps me if I feel weak: "Have I not commanded you to be strong and courageous? Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord, your God will be with you, wherever you may go. Hey! Hey! Hey! repeat first verse. Guess you kind of have to be there, huh?

Hang in!

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Hi Linda,

Just adding my two cents to what everyone else already said--besides telling the bus driver, I would give him information written out, i.e., emergency numbers, what your medical situation is , etc. Hopefully he won't need any of it, but just in case, that would be one less thing you'd have to worry about.

Please be safe, be careful and most of all, stay upright!

Let us know how everything went.


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Hi folks.. thanks for the support and suggestions!

and thank you melissa for your kind offer!!...

i will let you guys know how things work out.. and hopefully there will be no freaky epsiodes on the bus... or in the bus station.. if i'm going to have one i'd rather have in at the hospital verse.. anywhere else!

thanks again!!

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I wish I could offer some other helpful suggestions but outside of what the others said, I don't know. It has to be hard to make that trip on your own. When I have gone to the Autonomic Center in Ala., I drive, but that is also with my husband and that is about 14hrs but we stop, stay overnight etc., and I have him to fall back on.

Keep the fluids up and if you can take something to help you through the trip,(if that is at all possible)like xanax,klonpin etc.,,just a little to help keep you relaxed.

I wish you luck and a safe trip. :(

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Guest Belinda

Hi folks tis is linda aka dizzygirl..(i'm at belinda's an we are replying w/ her screen-name :P )...

But I wanted to drop you guys a quick note and let you know that I'm as far as cleveland.. I'm staying here tonight then heading to toledo in the morning... i think that it will be much easier onme doing it this way... I had a really rough weekend.. and there is no way that I could have handled traveling all tha way in one day.. :):P the thought terrifyes me!!

I will post when i get home.. and let you guys know that I made it and what i find out in toledo

take care


linda :)

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