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Going off meds......


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Well starting last night I been working on going off my old meds, and will be starting my new meds in the next week. When I got up today I felt so bad. I am dizzy evertime I stand. Its odd I thought the meds didn't help at all, but wow it is bad today. Will it get better in the next weeks?

I am going off of the Florinef, (I am taking one every other day for the next week) Metoprol ( I was taking it 4 times a day am am also stopping this ( 2 times a day for 4 day, 1 times a day for the next four days and then done), I am also stoping the Theophylline, and Cymbalta.

Then I will be starting Lexapro, and Clonidine in the next week. ( I am staing on Aspirin, Ambien, Sucralfate, oxygen)

Sorry for stressing out, I am just going home on Sunday, and I want to feel somewhat ok. I havn't been home in a long time, and I just wanted to feel ok. So any ideas of anything I can do due to help get thought the next few days, to the next few weeks to try to stay on my feet! :)



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