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I got approved!

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Good news - I was just told verbally that I got approved to go down to UVA to see Dr. Phillips who specializes in POTS. I have to get a TTT done here and bring the results down. I am so happy I don't need a lawyer after all ;) !! Yeah !!

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Good stuff, Claire. You 're well on your way to a proper diagnosis.

However, if you do have POTS, the diagnosis may be anti-climactic. When I was FINALLY diagnosed (after about six months of being bedridden and in and out of the hospital) the doctors told me there's nothing they could really do for me. There are treatments for POTS, so don't get too depressed, but this isn't a diagnosis that will change much.

Still, it will probably be a relief for you to know it's not something degenerative or terminal. Plus to have a name for how you feel.



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That's great! Please let us know how it goes!


p.s. Charlottesville is so beautiful!! I love it there!

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Congrats, Claire!

And also let me say Welcome to the Forum! :):) You will find lots of answers and paradoxically, more questions, and good support ppl here. Welcome to Planet POTS (well, almost....not that you really NEED to have an official dx, but it sounds like POTS to a lot of posters....)

I hope you find out what you need to know from your appt. And as another poster said, it may be bittersweet. I was so relieved to finally have a name to put with what had been going on with me. But, eight years later, I sometimes wish it had been a different name. There are many struggles with POTS, but I have learned a lot from having it, too. And met good ppl. :)

There are many stories of struggle and triumph in these pages, which have inspired and educated me. but you should feel free to ask any questions and post your own topics. I only joined recently myself, and everyone has been wonderful, with references or support.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted.

love and light,

lulu :)

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Let warn you. If you're as sensitive to gravity and elevation as I am, you'll need someone else to drive you. As you go between Richmond and Charlottesville, the Fall Line hits, which means the elevation starts getting higher between the two cities and you'll get more symptomatic the closer to Charlottesville you get.

And the town isn't huge but it can be confusing. I reccomend getting a map from somewhere like AAA or somewhere else. The reason is, mapquest and a lot of the online places for some reason think some of the college foot paths are actually roads and try to tell you to drive down them, when you SOOO can't.

Also, you might want to call the hospital main office and ask about the closest burger joints and restaurants if you're not staying over night. +=--]\ Sorry that was the cat. She's hyper. Anyway, Charlottesville is a nice little town. Also, most of the exits on 64 between Richmond and Charlottesville have at least one fast food place. It doesn't look like there'd be anything at most of the exits but there is. Also Zion Crossroads exit has more than one fast food place and several gass places and lots of open space walk around and feel safe in.

Hope all this helps.


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Thanks for the feedback guys! I will be happy to just know that I am not nuts and there is a name to my symptoms. I think I am lucky in that I still function fairly well, I drive and garden and go out, I just try and take it easy because moving around alot makes me lightheaded. Some days I can;t get out of bed though, so we'll see what happens at the doctors, hopefully they'll be able to make life a little easier and I'll be able to go back to work.

By the way Unicornisis - my Mom is driving me, and I didn't even think about elevations issues! Thanks for all the tips, I'll keep you all posted.

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