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I am currently on 100mg of zoloft a day and my dr is talking about uping it to 150mg. They dont make a pill with that strong a dose, so I will have to split some of the 100mg pills. My question is has anyone ever been on that high of a dose of zoloft? They have tried swiching me, but I had a bad reaction to effexor and lexapro so they put me back on zoloft. It doesnt work like it used to, but it might be that my brain fog is getting worse.

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Hi April, I take Zoloft. I started it around March 8th. I started on 25 then went to 50 then 75 and now I'm on 100mg. I just saw my psychiatrist on Wednesday and she said I could go to 150 if I have any more problems with anxiety. She eased me up to the 100 mg dose over a six or seven week period. Each time it was increased the anxiety was a little worse, but it got better in 2 or 3 days. The 100mg. seems to be working very well for me. I have been on that dose for three weeks now, and since last Friday, I haven't had any brain fog episodes, the tremblling is only very slight in the mornings, and the chest pressure is gone. I also have been sleeping better. I have been on a tiny dose of lorazapam since January, but it's down to half of the original dose, and I'm going completely off of it over the next two weeks. The lorazapam helped while I was first taking Paxil and then started on the Zoloft. Now I don't need the lorazapam.

I started taking the Zoloft in the mornings, but I was sooooo sleepy. I now take it before be, but I was still getting very sleepy around mid-morning. I started drinking a cup of coffee with breakfast after I have a quart of water, and I don't get the sleepiness much anymore. I think the Zoloft is amazing for me. It has really helped me with so many symptoms. I was alway slightly light-headed and my muscles twitched and my gait was lopsided. I was always walking into door frames and leaning against walls. I had three panic attacks shortly before I started the Zoloft while on Paxil, and I had one about two week after that, but there haven't been any since. I feel better now than I have in a long time. I know part of that is due to keeping myself hydrating with water and salt, and getting enough potassium and other supplements, but the Zoloft has really evened me out. There are some who think the SSRIs are bad for us, but they aren't for all of us. And sometimes it does take a bit of trying to find the right one. I think it it was definitly worth the trying and the period of worse symptoms that I went through because I feel so much better.

If I could just get my GI problems resolved, I'll be almost me again! Notice I wrote almost . I know I'll never be the same, but I am dealing with the problems and working with them. I have to rest a lot more, but it puts things in perspective now. I can play with my dogs or sit on the deck and not feel as if I should be doing something else because I'm doing what I should be doing for me . I'm taking the time to enjoy the things around me. I'm having fun watching the corn coming up in my husband's vegetable garden. It's a new world for me, and I think I like it. :)

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