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V-8 juice anyone?


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V-8 is probably a good choice because it has so many vitamins in addition to the the sodium. If you can drink it- good for you. You know, the old commercials use to say it could help you walk straight, remember? In that case, "I should've have a V-8" because I still have my drunken walk on occassion! But, seriously V-8 is a good one as is the V-8 Splash fruit drinks.


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Actually sodium is an electrolyte in water. I don't know if V-8 has potassium, though. Tomatoes? Anybody? :blink:

I like drinking V-8 when I fly, but I'm not a huge fan of it otherwise. But yeah, if you like it it's probably a great choice!

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I have always drank V-8 and I notice it the other day that it has alot of sodium! It's a good choice as is OJ for potassium!


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yep, there is DEFINITELY a good amount of both potassium & sodium - the key electrolytes - in a V8. tons more than in gatorade (or any other electrolyte supplement drink for that matter.)

here's the nutrition info from www.v8juice.com:

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving (serving size) = 8 oz.

Calories 50

Total Fat 0 g

Sat. Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 0 mg

Sodium 590 mg

Potassium 470 mg

Total Carb. 10 g

Dietary Fiber 2 g

Sugars 8 g

Protein 2 g

%Daily Values**

Vitamin A 40%

Vitamin C 120%

Calcium 4%

Iron 4%

so...it definitley may be an option for some. my biggest issue from it is the acidity - it often causes my stomach to be fairly uncooperative. when i most could use the "boost" i can't be upright for the amount of time i need to keep my reflux from acting up right after drinking it...

:blink: melissa

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I think I mentioned V-8 juice sometime back as a good source of sodium. My cardiologist (former) had recommended keeping a can on my night table and chugging it (ughh) before getting out of bed in the morning.

I have a funny story about V-8: Each time I have been hospitalized with flareups for POTS and have been in the coronary care unit my doctor has put me on a high salt diet, including V-8. He enters that information into the hospital nutrition system so that I get plenty of salt packets as well as V-8. Without fail, the tray comes up without V-8 and without salt. You can probably guess the reason: Salt is a no-no on the cardiac care unit. After several unsuccessful attempts to get the kitchen to comply with the V-8 and salt, a resourceful nurse goes to the kitchen brings up a 6-pack of V-8 and a cup filled with salt packets or a salt shaker.

When I was first diagnosed with POTS back in 1996, my cardiologist gave me a sheet he had prepared of suggested foods for POTS people: Besides V-8 were canned soups, saltines, pretzels, prepared foods, ramen noodles...you get the drift. My internist thought that was a great diet. People at the grocery store looked at me like I was crazy. My sister dropped off canned soups by the case.


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lois -

yep...i know V8 has been brought up before (though no way i'd ever recall who brought it up!)

i have had the SAME THING happen on cardiac units with the salt issue. not with V8 but with salt itself, "low-salt" foods, etc. gggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr. and then the nurses told me to hide my salt so that no one would try to steal it!

another time i was accidently given weight loss trays (not on cardiac unit...just randomly) after i'd lost over ten pounds in the past few weeks. it was a mix-up but again....ggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

also reminicent of the time i saw a nutritionist last year when my gastroparesis was horrible. when she called me back i "felt" her staring at me but thought i was perhaps just imagining things. not so. once in her office she asked me what i was there for & started laughing, telling me my intake sheet had GASTRIC BYPASS written on it instead of GASTROPARESIS and that the secretary must have made a mistake. so of course she was staring...at the time i was bordering underweight so obviously she was staring thinking that i was considering bypass at that size!

such fun we have...

:blink: melissa

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I too drink V-8 when I have a particularly bad day with POTS. I actually like V-8, the taste, and like the fact that it is low in calories. I'm not like some of you who can't keep weight on... I put it on very easily, so as soon as I start eating 3 regular meals a day, boom! weight is on. So, anyway, V-8 has helped me get salt in my diet as I'm not a fan of loading table salt on my food.

Yes, I was told in early '97 when I was diagnosed to eat things like pickles, canned foods, ramen noodles... the nutritionist I talked to just took the low-salt diet brochure and told me to eat the opposite. I was the first person who came to her with the need for a HIGH salt diet. I want to know GOOD foods out there that are high in salt...haven't found many other than the V-8.

Here I am now talking to a co-worker of mine who is trying to cut salt out of his diet. He just looks at me in envy when I tell him that I like to eat canned soup for dinner whilst he has to stay away from it. He looks longingly at the salt shaker as I shake, shake, shake it on my food on the rare occasion we head out to lunch together... B)

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Guest Julia59

V-8 is my drink-------I have been drinking it for years. No wonder I craved it.................. :)

I have brought it up many times on different threads.

Plus I like the idea of the vitamins............. :)

Julie :0)

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The other really good thing about V-8, and tomato products in general, is that you can put huge amounts of sodium in them without it tasting too bad. You can also hide large amounts of salt in mashed potatoes. However, mashed potatoes have a high glycemic load, which is bad if you have poor glucose tolerance.

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