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How Anemic to affect O.I.


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OK, from monthly female junk, am anemic...have always been some...in this case Hemoglobin is 11.3 (Normal. 12.6)

Hematocrit 32.3 (Normal 36)

The gyno office wants me to pick up some iron tablet samples to see how I tolerate them. I forget the name, prescription and called Repleva?

Going to try to see how G.I. tract tolerates. They claim these are easy on the stomach.

All I know is waking up I always feel ROTTEN but lately SUPER ROTTEN and my ability to STAND STILL pretty much stinks. I need to walk fast (to keep blood pumping) and hang onto shopping cart for dear life in grocery) I only go out when desperate for food, coffee or Gatorade and sometimes room mate can go. I HATE how the handicapped spaces are all taken. Yesterday, I went to the pharmacy that doesn't have a drive thru and SOME YAYHOO had parked a huge car in TWO HANDICAPPED SPACES...with no tag.&^%$$^!%!&

I was able to sit or kneel on chair while talking to pharmacist.

In grocery line, I do the typical exercises to keep from getting too light headed (Toe raises, squat down to read magazines/look at cand/tie shoes, fuss in purse.

I DID walk yesterday for 18 minutes but it wiped me OUT once I stopped. It was 72 out and I am afraid my constant bed rest of the last week or so is turning me into an invalid.

My O.I. has NEVER BEEN THIS BAD. If we had wider hallways and access to a wheelchair, I think I would've used it his past week. Standing still and sitting still has long been the enemy to some of us but this is just dreadful. Like CONSTANT verge of fainting junk..can't think, spell, even talk.

So, I hope the iron pills help. THANKFULLY I drive down the hill and around a corner and there is doc's office for the samples. Get in the car, count to 100 and I am there.

If this doesn't work, it's back to chicken livers for me (thank goodness I like them) and I do cook the rare times I cook, in iron skillets. Chicken livers are expensive to order at carry out but they do taste good.

But SITTING UP at my room mates computer wears me OUT and even this laptop is wearing me out.

Thanks for any iron users out there to give two cents.

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I had severe bleeding problems during perimenopause and my hematocrit, hemoglobin, and RBC were down, as were my iron stores.

My opinion is this can severely affect how you feel. I hope you can tolerate the iron. The slow FE I am supposed to be taking now upsets my GI tract. I'll keep an eye on how you do on your script.

I'm sure you're bleeding problems are affecting how you feel. I've been there.

Hopefully, you can take the iron and you'll notice a big difference. Take care.

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Hi Sophia,

yes, anemia can make you feel horrible especially with OI. I took two tablets of iron (per doc) everyday because my iron was so low due to the same factors you described. Fun isn't it? I had to cut back to one though due to GI upset.

Here's a link to foods that contain iron as well for you. According to this site, cream of wheat contains the highest amount of iron listed so if you like that maybe it would help as well if you cannot tolerate the prescribed iron. http://scc.uchicago.edu/iron.htm

Once through the anemia, I usually take the iron tablets a week to 10 days before and during dot time to avoid a problem so far it seems to be working.

hope you feel better.

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Even though I don't have OI issues I was severely anemic from the same problems and I felt AWFUL. Tired and totally exhausted, just crawling through the day until I could get back into bed. I can't imagine being so weak on top of the autonomic stuff. I too had to take iron pills and they did upset my system. I have a couple of suggestions if you have problems. First, take the iron pill with some bland food, second, take a stool softener (NOT a laxative) just an over the counter stool softener to make things easier (this was by far the most important) and third make sure you eat enough fiber and drink enough water to help keeps things moving along. Constipation was my worst side effect. I think I took Feosol, over the counter but should be used only under a doctor's supervision.

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Thanks for the quick repies.

This new Repliva is "alleged" to cause LOTS LESS distress. I never have a problem with constipation in recent years...more like frequency issues that can wear me out.

I JUST WANT TO be able to STAND STILL!! This med is VERY EXPENSIVE but they gave me a 30 day supply.

Course getting the hermetically sealed IRON wrapper open is another story! :)

I used to get an easily absorbed iron from Kroger...I forget the name but it was easily absorbed...if this stuff helps, I will probably go back to using the other brand.

Also I have felt so puny I don't take vitamins so that hasn't helped either.

So, lets see if I can get the energy to do BASIC THINGS again...sponge bathe AND laundry in the same day. :) I sit to put on makeup when I wear it but flossing teeth wears me out! LOL. It's such a little thing but man that triggers lightheadedness.

But haven't taught my cats to floss my teeth for me yet. . . .

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