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Prayer Request


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hi all -

i just wanted to ask you all to pray, send good thoughts/vibes to someone i met several years back online through a nonprofit organization she had set up for gastroparesis support/info/awareness. she has been waiting for the transplant - yes, it really is for 5 organs - for over a year now and was called in earlier today. it's obviously a pretty long procedure & it's still going on as of now.

her name is carissa & i know that she & her family would greatly appreciate any prayers/thoughts...both for carissa as well as the donor's family. for anyone who is a part of the g-pact or the yahoo gastroparesis support listserve, she's the one who got both started several years back.

another girl (karis...yes, an oddly similar name) had the same transplant done about two months back and is doing better and better every day but is obviously not out of the woods yet, so while you're at it.....she's hoping to leave the hospital within the next few weeks.

if anyone really wants to read more they each have websites that i'll post below. ultimately though, thoughts & prayers are the request.

thank you!

B) melissa

Carissa's site: http://www.monkeygirl.atfreeweb.com/Update...rent_update.htm

Karis' site: http://www.aup.org/Karis/latest_update.htm

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They are both in my thoughts and prayers....


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Guest Mary from OH

I'm praying for Carissa and Karis!! Melissa, it's a small world! I'm a part of G-Pact too and know them both!! You might want to tell them and their families about a Transplant support Group. We just became an non-profit organization on Feb. 6th. It's called Gifts from Heaven.


They can also join the support group throught the website. It will be of tremendous help for them!!

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