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Recovery...or not?!


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I know that others have mentioned issues with low pulse rate lately, and I wanted some opinion on what everyone thinks about my case because I'm confused as to if I am in the process of recovering or is this just another wierd symptom I need to deal with? I have't been officially diagnosed, but I know that I had POTS because I was severly tachycardic upon standing and went through all other host of symptoms it comes with it. However, in the past couple of weeks, my heart rate has gone down considerably..like in the high 50s and low 60s, and this is pretty low for me because my resting heartrate is usually like in the 120s and 130s.......I thought I would be feeling better..I mean shouldn't I? but I feel the same....and perhaps even more weak. I know that many of you who have really low heart rate associate with having syncope and stuff...but that is not the case with me. I have never fainted and so I dont think its NCS or anything. So I like to believe that I'm in recovery but my body just don't feel right or well...that I'm not so sure it is. There have been rare times over the past two weeks when my heart rate shot up to like 140s but mostly, it has been really slow enough that my body feel really wierd. I am in the process of getting a diagnosis for POTS in the next couple of weeks but I don't know if I should go through with it because at the time of the test, if my heart rateis still acting really low....its kind of silly for me to say that I think I have POTS although until last last week...I did. I know that having dysautonmic issues...heart rate can be messed up..either fast or slow...but I don't know what to think because the defining symptom of POTS is tachycardia. So if I suddently start to have low heart rate...does that mean it has gone away? I would really appreciate some imputs on what everyone thinks. THANKS! FYI, I don't take any medications so that couldn't be the cause.

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Dysautonomia can include both fast and slow heart rates. Is the slow hr only on standing? My POTS specialist told me he has seen slowed heart rates on standing in POTS patients -- generally as a new symptom after years of tachycardia. I get brady sometimes on standing or even on sitting too quickly.

I hope you continue to pursue evaluation. Are you seeing an electrophysiologist? Many of them are knowledgable about POTS and other kinds of autonomic dysfunction.


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