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Anyone else STILL awake?

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Grr I hate nights like this. I wore myself out during the day, was/ am SO tired.. and I went to bed at midnight or so and have just not been able to enter the happy land of sleep. Maybe I forgot my passport.

Sunday was my last day of taking meds until Wednesday (for tests) so while I usually rely on the BBs to keep my HR from going crazy while I try to sleep which it likes to do, and now the last one I was able to take has worn off. :blink:

Well today I have a doctor visit so hopefully we'll get to talk about sleep meds along with a dozen other topics that I'm sure she won't have time for... :)

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Haha nope I didn't sleep a wink! I finally gave up, took a shower, and I"ve been running on fumes all day! No time for a nap between doctor visits and babysitting. Oh well... there's always tonight! :D


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