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How can I tell if I have pneumonia---really bad off

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

I tried to go to Sams to get my Aunt some gold earrings for her birthday---and some other items. I told my hubby to go off and get the paper towels, plates---ect.---and to meet me by the jewelry counter.

Well not 2 minutes after standing at the counter I was having trouble---big trouble. I was so weak---why did I try to go? I thought it might change----you all know how that is---it can change from minute to minute.

My heart has been getting irregular beats----then tachy---then slight tremors-----weak weak weak. Just when I think my chest is starting to clear out, I get this plugged up feeling on my right side. When I woke up---I didn't feel this way. Then all of a sunnen---it's like i'm ready to be in the hospital---I feel so bad. It goes back and forth, but today I have palpitations.

My spine is so bad from all the coughing---it's just unbelievable-----unbelievable! I can't venture out for 5 minutes. My neck is killing me. I hate the ER---I just won't go there.

How can I tell if I have pneumonia? I do not have a fever. I just feel so congested in my chest. When I see someone around with a cold spewing their germs everywhere---I just want to yell at them----a lot of people have no consideration and do not cover thier mouths when coughing. I bury mine on the inside of my elbow.

Oh well-----kind of a venting day for me---I hope this passes soon. I was able to stand up for quite a while yesterday preparing lund for my little grand daughter to be---and my 8 year old nephew. My husband took a vacation day to help babysit---I was feeling pretty bad by the end of the day, but not too bad during the day---still sick, but holding my owm. I didn't think I was contagious anymore----so I told me son to bring her over. this virus has been lingering for about two weeks.

My OI must be geting much worse with this virus. could it be the florescent light?---not that quick----could it---bother me that fast?

Oh --------I just don't know why I hate going to the doctors----or ERs------something has happened to me in the last year that has made me petrified. Good thing I see my therapist Wednesday.

Julie :0)

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I'm sorry you're feeling so badly. If you hate going to the ER, do they have "walk-in" clinics near you? I know in our walk-in they could do a chest x-ray if they wanted to.

I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure your illness makes the dysautonomia worse.

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When I have pnuemonia, it hurts to breathe, I have coughing fits any time I try to lie down, and I'm completely non-functional to the point where getting out of bed isn't possible. I usually have a fever too. If you really want to be sure, the suggestion above is a good one-to go to a walk-in clinic, not the ER, and get a chest x-ray.


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Sorry to hear that you are feeling badly, when I had pneumonia, I felt horrible, fever, weak, sweats, coughing, tachycardia, could hear and feel congestion (rattling) in the lungs.

I don't know if you have previously had pneumonia but as with any illness especially lung or bronchial infection it can make you feel weak for quite a while especially if you have other health conditions that get aggravated by being ill. You may not have the infection going on but symptoms left over until you are completely better such as coughing and weakness.

Although with that type of thing, secondary infections or problems can occur which I experienced when I had pneumonia. It just about buried me for months with bronchitis and asthma problems that occurred after the pneumonia and my blood pressure problems made things worse.

You might want to get checked out via x-ray to make sure your infection is clearing up completely and don't require additional antibiotics. Also if you haven't had it yet, when you get better, check into getting the pneumovax shot, it is suppose to cover the most common strains of bacterial pneumonia.

See link


Just give yourself time to heal, people tend to rush into normal activity after being ill and then feel worse because of it especially with chronic conditions that can make things worse. Your system has been busy fighting the infection and may need extra time.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Guest Julia59

Thanks for replying everyone------------ :)

I doubt I have pnemonia, but I can't seem to get my chest cleared out. It seems that when I cough it just shoves the congestion further and deeper into my chest. There is some rattling in my chest---and wheezing-------seems to be worse in the evening, although I had a bad spell of in yesterday morning----real early like 4:00 am.

That is why my husband took a vacation day----the kids were coming, and I thought David (nephew) might be enough to help out---he's 8----Kaela is only 2. However, I felt too poorly when I had the spell so I begged my husband to stay home. This is rare, and I haven't done that in 5 years. When I first crashed really bad with POTS in 2000/2001 I begged him to stay with me all the time---it was really bad.

Anyway----I took it easy all week except for one visit to Best Buy to get my new fax/copy/scanner/printer. that was pretty bad, but not as bad as today. I guess this virus has me caught off guard. Even last year when I had a terrible cold I could handle going for a brief visit to a store. This time my heart started flipping out. Then I sat down and could feel adrenaline trying to pump out, but it wasn't enough to get me going. I don't like the adrenaline thing, but sometimes it corrects the OI/heart flip flops. This time I could feeling it trying, but it felt aborted somehow----does this make sense.

My OI issues are just different in the last few months. My BP is running really low-----average of 70/50 something standing. And 95/60 ish sitting. I get tachy, but i'll get that way in any position. It seems when my standing BP is low----my HR doesn't raise up enough to help the BP to raise. This has concerned me a bit------but I think it can wait until I see Dr. Grubb in April. I was a bit miffed when Bev had me down as obese---as i'm only a size 12----I really am. It had this referenced after abdominal exam----"soft, supple and obese". I found this out when I went over my records---I just got the last years worth----50 bucks!---- <_<

A couple of you have met me---do I look obese?---LOL I have lost about 8 pounds in the last few weeks--so a little thinner :D . One thing I have found that POTS comes in all sizes and shapes-----and some people who have severe hormone imbalances will gain a lot of weight----even if they can barely eat. My niece just found out she has poly-cystic ovarian syndrome----poor thing gained a lot of weight, and so many people judge her---it angers me to no end. It's shocking on how people are judged even when they are slightly overweight. People assume you should be all withered away if your sick.

I feel a little bit better since putting some ice on my neck------my neck was getting so swollen from the coughing. Dr. Bolognese mentioned my OI and palpitations/arrhythmias will get worse as my upper spine issues get worse. It's hard to tell what is causing what. My PCP took copies of my BP---and HR journal. She seemed very interested in a lot of this stuff.

Thanks a lot for the support. I'm sorry, I haven't been the best in giving support lately---not on line anyway-----i'm just kind of limited---and I feel a bit selfish posting my ramblings---but I think you all understand.

Thanks so much again----- :)

Julie :0)

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sorry your trip was so "not fun" today. going to any type of store standing is out of the question for me but using my wheelchair i have a bit more ability to do so. that said i passed out going into the doc's last week which i can usually handle so i understand the frustration.

in re: to the weight issue though, honestly bev was probably just going by statistics. technically speaking there is a weight/height ratio to define obesity so that it has nothing to do with clothing size. other factors aren't considered and if she hasn't mentioned it to you as a concern i wouldn't worry about it too much. i know for me my docs are baffled by my recent weight gain after the scary weight loss of this time last year. obviously i should have (and needed to) gain a decent amount back but it's kept coming...and coming and coming for no explanable reason other than that my body is preparing for another period of semi-starvation (i REALLY hope not).

hang in there,

:) melissa

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Julie you are not obese!! My god..!!!..by no stretch of the imagination are you obese or heavy or chunky.. nothing!!..

Now me on the other hand.. i'm a "BIG" girl--no ryhm or reason behind it other then POTS and medication.. considering that i used to be super skinny.. my nick name growing up (my aunt) called me bones.. as i was skin and bones!!.. Now she calls me meaty bones.. LOL..

lets here a HOO-Ra!! for the plus size women out there!! LOL :0 just kidding!!.. trying to be funny julie.. but no I dont think you are "Obese"...

hang in there julie.. i know easier said then done!!



oh yeah.. about the pheumonia.. i think you might need a chest x-ray to rule that out...hows Kaela doing?/ I bet she is cuter now then when i saw here a few months back!!

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