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Why are we so tired during day and up at night

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That use to be my major problem but now i am on medication to help me sleep... I really didnt want to go down that track but in the end i found it has improved my overall health being able to sleep (somewhat deeply).

I found that things like music/tv/computers stimulate my mind so if you can maybe stay away from them after about 10pm and see if that helps any.

Sorry i realise you didnt ask for any advice ... i just went and gave it unsolicited didnt I.

I am in australia so I am awake! maybe you should make some online aussie friends and play chess or something to make the time pass lol B)

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I went for a sleep study and to a sleep doctor to help me with my insomnia. The stuff he suggested (and I did) sound easy but they are not. The things I did were:

stop taking naps in the daytime (very difficult esp. in the beginning)

go to sleep and get up at the same time each day (very difficult)

keep a sleep log each day of awake and sleep times (he made me do this)

did not go in the bedroom until sleeptime (very difficult)

Also, I do not let myself watch overstimulating things on TV or listen to overstimulating things near bedtime.

Result (after 4 months): I am still not a perfect sleeper, but I only use Ambien (10 mg) or Klonopin (.5 mg) or an antihistamine about 2 times/month. If I use them more, they stop working.

I really did not want to go the pill route since I had tried that and they stopped working after awhile. Things are not perfect but I am much better than I used to be and I know what to do.

I hope you can get things turned around. I know how awful it is to be up at night.

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Kim--I'm a fellow nightowl.. though not by choice!!! <_< ..i have horrible insomnia... so if you are ever up and want to chat b/c you cant sleep.. i'll pm you my IM address and stuff if you want.. i havent found soemthing to help my sleep.. i've had insomnia problems since i was a little kid..

have you tried sleepy time meds?...

hang in there!

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Hi! I am up at all hours most of the time, so your not alone on this one! <_<


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