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Why I sleep so much!

April Love

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Why Do You Sleep So Much? Creative Answers for the Bedbound

After reading one person?s struggle to explain to their family why they slept so much, I sent some of my more creative responses to them. Then I added a few more and thought I would post them. I thought someone might enjoy them. Healthy family and friends seldom understand what it?s like to be bedbound for weeks at a time. Upon emerging back into the awake world, I also am frequently asked, ?Why do you sleep so much?? (I?m usually down for 3 weeks before I see the sky again!) Anyway here are a few creative answers when POTS, OI, and NCS draw blank stares from your friends and family.

? I have an overactive dormant gene!

? I?ve been working undercover investigating The Pillow Cases.

? My medication causes hibernation

? I'm increasing my demand by limiting my supply to the outside world. It keeps my market value high!

? Someone has to keep an eye on those sheets!

? I'm an artist; sleep is my medium!

? My fatigue is a genetic trait; it's brought on by my family!

? My comforter is down and needed a friend.

? The tooth fairy owes me money and I?ve been trying to collect.

? I?m not chronically fatigued-the rest of the world is hyperactive!

? I, like Sleeping Beauty, would still be resting if my ?Prince? had not disturbed me!

? I look thin horizontally.

? Sleep is an under utilized skill in our society, I?ve been working to raise people?s level of unconsciousness.

? I?ve been conducting secret research for the pajama industry.

? Being brilliant, beautiful, charming, witty, and modest is exhausting!

? Big Dreams require more sleep!

Anyway, I figured you all had some creative explanations as well and thought I'd throw this out there for a smile. Look foward to some good responses. (I'm gonna need them. I have to pass on a family wedding in

2 weeks because I'm too tired to put on make up.) My friends and family just think I'm anti-social. If they could see what I look like right now, they would understand that me staying in bed is really in the best interest of society! Hope you enjoy.

April Love

30 years old Diagnosed with POTS, NCS and OI

Heading to Vandi in April WOO-HOO!!!

Drugs of choice: Midodrine, Atenolol, Valium, Serenity, and Love (The last two are the only ones I can afford without insurance.)

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oh my that is funny! I'll have to remeber some of these!! for future use!! LOL B).. i particularly like the my comforter is down and needed a freind!! hahha!

oh yes and welcome to the forum!!

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You put a much needed smile on my face. : ) I'm actually not going to a family party today because I don't feel like being told what everyone thinks is wrong with me. I know what is wrong and I deal with it....

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