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Blood Volume testing? Is it worth it? What would it mean?

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Belinda's post has got me wondering ...

Is it worth getting tested to find out if I have low blood volume?

Will it help any if I do have it, when I go into the ER or anything like that?

When ever I end up at the ER they take as much blood as they possibly can and won't listen to me that most of the time all I need is fluids, until I'm about ready to pass out.

What would it really mean if I do have low blood volume, other than that I just don't have quite enough blood?

Thanks y'all.

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It is not a test done in the ER, typically. It's usually performed through the nuclear medicine department, it's a simple blood test. Depending on how the lab does it, they may take a small amount of blood, tag it with an isotope, re-inject you with your own blood, then take another vial at a pre-set time.

The test can tell them if you have the appropriate volume of blood for your size, the correct volume of red blood cells, if you're anemic, etc. If you have low blood volume, then it's possible the blood volume expansion treatments would be useful, such as procrit.


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