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left knee is numb...

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so I had a meeting scheduled at work at 11am. I sat there for 10 minutes feeling worse and worse, orthostatic kind of things, and no one even showed up. SOOOO I returned to my desk and I noticed as soon as I stood up my left knee went numb and my left arm really hurt.

There is a spot on my left elbow..kind of where the bone of my elbow lays on the desk when typing that keeps sending a really sharp pain thru my arm..The rest of the time both arms, actually, just ache but the left one is worse.

Everytime I get up my left knee goes numbish feeling. Very weird. Ideas??

I saw an article about fibromyalgia being dysautonomia too... at http://www.fmpartnership.org/Lavin%20article.htm

All the pains I get make me wonder.

If my co-workers only knew that 10 mintues of witing for them to show would send me into hours of pain and orthostatic junk.

I may need another ice cream run soon.... (-; Then my mouth at least can be happy!

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