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Anyone need there car battery charged?

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this is going to brief as I'm having a doosey of a time sitting up and functioning in general today.. I woke up feeling terribly potsy this morning.. and I got up.. and tried drinking some apple juice.. I was MAJORLY thirsty.. hmm ddint go very well.. get seriously nasueated.. and then the feeling of electricty started shortly after I got up.. and it hasnt stopped.. I feel drugged up big time..

and I've got that weird feeling i get before I have aparalysis epsiode.. I dont know how to desribe it.. only that those who experince probably know what I'm talking about.. its a bad feeling.. and i'm starting to jump and twitch all over.. i can feel in internally.. like my organs are mexican jumping beans or something... and its starting to show on the outside.. especialy in my hands and feet.. and left arm.. ugh.. you know the usual potsy junk..

I'm feeling like crap.. my boyfriend called and said that he'd leave work early tonight (i'm majorly surpirsed about that one).. he told me before he left for work to keep the phone by me so that it i get worse i can call 9-1-1,, then he's like looking at me and goes you arent going to be able to call 9-1-1 if you keep getting worse.. so he's coming home.. mighty nice of him..

i called my pcp and I told them I wanted NEEDED them to set me up for 2 liters of saline for home infusion.. and tht teling me to go to the ER is out fo the question.. they called ma back my PCP isnt in today.. so they'll call in the am tomorrow.. she wanted to know what my BP's ahve been so I told her.. and she goes well if your BP really was 0 then you wouldnt have been talking.. I'm like Oh No you dont! I told her that it gets like that often and that I had pased out cold and had paralysis less then 2 hours before i was at the docs office and gave her th name of the doc who i was at.. and told her to call herif she had doubts on the reality of my BP.

so infuriating!

i then called Dr. grubb office and got an appointment to see bev in less the 2 weeks.. so that is good..

ok i'm going to o lay back down..i'm so tired! I hope that the elcetricty surges stop b/c they are making me feel wacked out.. and sick.. and I'm shocking myself here if i touch everything.. the cat jumped on me and i shocked her she looked at me and hoped down.. LOL.. ugh my body feels like goo... or mush watever fits better.

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Hi LInda,

I wish I had something to offer you so you feel better. Hang in there! B)


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Guest Belinda

:unsure: what is going on with you..electric girl..O hope you are okay..sorry about your appt. today.

Wish you had that monitor alreadt to ssee what is going on. And you keep on your PCP!!!!!!!!!!

Hang in there..Linda.


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It sounds like you're prepared, and I guess that's all you can do. I'm really glad your BF is going to be there with you, I can't imagine being that sick and being alone.

Also, thanks for the card! :( It brightened my day...between the two of us there'll always be a get well card in the mail :unsure:

((((((HUGS))))))) and hang in there.


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Guest Julia59


So sorry your having such problems-----that electric feeling is not fun---and I have only minor ones compared to you, and it freaks me out.

I wish I could have been there to tell that nurse/or whatever you want to call her a thing or two---THE NERVE OF HER! Plenty of POTS/Dysautonomia people have crazy BP-----she needs to read up.

I don't know why, but it still shocks me to hear things like that. You would think that I would get used to it-----but one never does, I don't think.

I hope Dr. Grubb and Bev can help you feel better. Bev is the coolest, isn't she............ :)

Take Care---and hang in there.


Julie :0)

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thanks all for the support...I'm sending you each hugs!

I'm not doing better today..still feeling like there is electricity zipping thru me..I have now moved into the everything from myhair on my head to the toenails on my feet hurt.. and everything in between.. and its progessing full force! OUCH!! i've been crying off and on all day I hurt so much and feel so icky.. I'm freezing cold.. and purely exhausted...I think if I would stopp feeling like i'm gonna hit the floor that I might be able to hadnle everything else..

I dragged myself to the lab today for yet more blood work! GRRR! I had to get a blood test for Mono.. as my dear friends spent a weekend here not to long ago.. and she was sick when she came.. and it turns out that she has MONO!! I'm like Oh great.. she says that its really contagious... :) .. so I had to get it done.. and a few other things checked...

Ok I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive! I'm going to crawl back into bed and bury myself beneath mountains of blankets.. I'm so cold that I am shaking..from the inside out.. and my skin is so cold.. despite the fact that I was under a mound of blankies for several hours!!

good news though I'm getting hooked up to the cardionet monitor tomrrow afternoon.. they are calling me and going to walk me thru the set up process and stuff.. thank god b/c I feel like death has warmed over...the pain in my legs and feet is horrible!!

still feeling like a puddle of mush/goo dizz-

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Feel better soon!!! maybe all of us "surgers" can get together and sell our electricity to the utility companies!! forget solar power! POTS power!! :)

i'm glad you're not alone and have an appt with Bev soon. hang in there girl. try to stay warm--i've found when i get like that i need a warm/hot bath (hubby supervised so i don't drown) and out of the bath and immediately under an electric blanket on LULU-TOAST level, with a couple heavy blankets for insulation and candles to keep the air in the room warm and lavender (calm) scented. this is also the time that i reach for my ativan and just try to be calm. there is also an homeopathic remedy that might work for you called Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy. it is safe and all natural, but of course, check with your docs.

hang in there, girl. you don't have to do anything but feel better and be calm. you're in my thoughts and prayers. be strong and focus on the light within you.

keep us posted, dear. i pray you feel better.

love, light and peace,

lulu :)

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