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My power chair has been ordered

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Well, I got a call this am that my chair has been ordered. My husband says he is tired of being terrified I'm going to kill myself falling over when he 's not home, or even sometimes when he is!

So please for those that pray, say a little prayer my insurance will cover it. They are so expensive. But with all the fainting and falling I'm doing anymore, that could be even more expensive....morgan

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Gosh, if you don't qualify? who does?

I send prayers, thoughts, energy, and common sense to TPTB ;that they pay for this power chair.

A thump on the head to make a doctor come around and write a letter might help, too.

Hope you get the support you deserve to get said chair.


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I am praying that your insurance covers your power chair.....If not the whole chair atleast most of the cost. You'll have to let us know!


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heya morgan -

i never had a chance to chime in before, but re: insurance not pre-approving your chair, it stinks but it's not at all unusual these days. the theory is that it leans docs/people toward getting what they truly need rather than seeing "the most" insurance will cover and making the decision based upon that. not saying it makes sense, just letting you know it's more the norm these days than otherwise....doesn't make it any less stressful.

i had the same situation for my chair but none of my docs, PT, etc. thought i'd have any issue with it going through so i signed the papers without worry. i already had documentation from vandy stating the need as well. then the DME for the wheelchair was really stupid by including a sentence in their letter to the insurance (which is typically part of the process) that made it sound - when taken independently - that medications i was/am on made me better. it was something along the lines of describing all my issues, problems, etc. but then saying "the patient is treated with medications yadda yadda". they failed to clarify that without meds i'm worse (aka bedridden) but that their description of my limitations/problems were those i had WITH the medications. so thus insurance pulled out the one sentence and said "she doesn't need a wheelchair....she has meds that make her all better." don't i wish!

so...bottom line we had to appeal it clarifying the poorly written initial letter. i wrote a letter myself & one of my docs wrote another (or rather i wrote it for her & she edited it B) ). i have both of them too so if anything comes up and they'd be helpful for you let me know & i can email them no problem. my chair approved without any problem at all once we sent the letters.

i hope your approval is smooth sailing...it should be but know that even if if it isn't an appeal is always an option & was quick & easy for me.

B) melissa

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Thanks guys. Actually two of my doctors wrote letters of need. My pcp and my Ent. The people at the DME said they can't believe there will be any problem with all my issues.

Melissa, I saw the letter the ent wrote and the DME guy read me my doctor's letter. No meds mentioned, just that in order for me to have any independence in my life at all, I needed one. That standing and walking cause me to faint, have dystonia, and severe flucuations in heart rate and bp.

Can't use a manual secondary to severe exercise intolerance. So it sounds like it covered everything.

A special thanks to Pooh bear!!! morgan

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morgan.. I am praying that insurance goes thru for you for this chair!! It helps!! let us know how it goes k?? if they give you a hard time I'll hop in my chair (imagine me doing that reclined full back going 4 miles an hour!! LOL :).. )and ride it out there to the insurance company and kick there butts.. and i'l make sure that I wear some nice and pointy shoes too!!


But I'm glad to hear that it is ordered dear that is great!!

BIG HUGS to you!!


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Hi Morgan,

The doctors order sounds perfect!

Now you better get a license to drive that thing, and a horn. We will have to find you some really cool bumper stickers for the back of the seat. Remember not to run over anyones toes! I had a family member with a powerchair (my uncle, total maniac in that thing) he ran over my toes and they were balack and blue forever.

I see power chair coming my way in the future, Im going to need some really big all terrain tires on mine to get around the farm.

Im excited for you!


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Guest tearose

Good luck on the power chair!

I love my power chair...I am able to get up and out without assistance and that gives hubby peace of mind!

We didn't have insurance coverage and it is still worth it!!!

It is one of those quality of life improvements I just had to justify.

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Do you know when you are getting the chair, Morgan?

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