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Hey everyone, my doctor is away until Monday so I was hoping that maybe one of you guys would have some insight for me, this is kind of a 2 part topic. The last few months I have been feeling pretty good, I just went to California for 5 days and the last 2 days it was warm out and I felt pretty crappy. I also did something stupid and decided to drink, which I should not have. I flew home 2 days ago and since I got home I am back to being completely fatigued, dizzy, light headed, and just out of it and feeling terrible.. like I went back to how I was feeling months ago. Here is the strange part, usually my pressure is dangerously low but since I got back its has been 117/75 which is EXTREMELY high for me, and my HR is around 120 standing still. I thought if my pressure was up I should be feeling good... second part of this, I am seeing a new guy and I am so nervous about scaring him off when I mention the words "chronic illness, fainting, hospital" but I know I have to tell him especially since I am having episodes again. my ex of 3 years just coulnd't handle it and didn't even visit me when I was in the hospital so I am scared of the new guy freaking out. How could I explain it to him without freaking him out? Sorry this was such a long post!

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I'm sorry you are feeling so icky!!

First off, traveling can really deplete your body of fluids, especially when flying. If you had an alcoholic drink that even further dehydrates your body. With your heart rate and bp fluctuating so differently than your normal my advice (although I'm certainly no Dr) would be to increase your fluid intake and rest the next few days. Hopefully between the rest and extra fluids your body may "re-adjust". You may also want to make sure you increase your sodium intake so that your body will hold on to some extra fluid more easily.

In terms of your boyfriend...if this is a new relationship then I don't think you have to tell him everything. If you don't feel comfortable yet then listen to your instinct. I'm not saying lie to him but yet, you don't have to share everything about yourself right away. You may want to think about just telling him you aren't feeling well. It's possible you caught a virus or maybe in a day or two you will be back to your "old self".

All I'm saying is listen to your gut instinct on that issue...if you aren't ready to discuss it with him then don't.

A couple of months ago I traveled by car somewhere and that was enough to make me worse. I really crashed, ended up in the ER and it took me a good week to rest, extra fluids etc etc to get back on my feet but I did eventually get there.

HOpe you feel better soon!

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I don't know what the elevated pressure means, but, as you know, it's not high at all by "normal" standards.

I can say that plane travel wreaks havoc on my body. I'd take it easy the next few weeks and hopefully you'll come around.

As for the BF, if you want to keep him around you have to tell him. Imagine if you guys get married and you have a major relapse and he finds out you'd been keeping your illness from him. It would be awful. It sounds like normally you're pretty active, so it shouldn't be a big deal if you explain that sometimes you get sick. That's just my advice, maybe others will have different opinions.

I really hope you begin to feel better soon :)


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