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Let me tell you something about SSDI

Guest Julia59

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Guest Julia59

Hi everyone---I hope you are all having good days------- ;)

Today I did something I hate doing----I went into some of my paperwork----both medical---and some SSDI stuff. I just hate going into this stuff----but I needed to try once again.

First I went into my medical files to find some recent blood work to fax to my new PCP---along with information on this website---and a couple other informational websites on chiari/chiari related conditions.

I found what I needed and faxed it over----I love my new fax/copier/scanner/printer! I paid a hefty price to get it----(health wise I mean). It was only 79.00 bucks after rebate at best buy---a lexmark----what the heck, it's just for home------i'm not running an office, so I imagine it will do what I need.

Anyway, during my digging, I though I would be brave and go into my little black briefcase where I keep all my SSDI information, and other legal information from my attorney. I noticed the wrong SS# on one of the correspondence letters from SSDI to my congresswoman. I called the local office and noted it. I asked him where my case was. He said I will probably have to wait until after Sept. 2007 for a hearing. I said I don't believe it. I told him there was a guy I knew who was in real trouble---and his conditions were much more defining then mine------HE CAN'T WAIT TWO YEARS!... That's his only income! He said there is a back log---and there isn't enough Judges to go around.

Well I called my Senators office again---I haven't been able to get the case work person to return my calls for over five months. I got lucky today, and got in touch with him. I told him that I don't have patience for the way SSDI is handling my case---and brought up that fact that I faxed him information on the FALSE REPORT that ther "appointed" physician wrote, and the latest reports from my NSGs and physicians to compare against the false report. It was clear cut the SSDI Doc is lying. He told me he would look into my case again to see where it was at. I faxed that stuff a long time ago, and the last I heard was that it was being investigated----he will see if it is.

He also informaed me that SSDI is not backed up two years!-----And also they have appointed 5 more judges, but he did not know how long they would be working SSDI cases. It looks to me that SSDI is playing games----and they are doing it with people's lives.

Just a little information I though you might find interesting.

After my little problem in Best Buy-----using every effort to ramain standing for the few minutes it took to make my purchase----I just can't imagine where or how that SSDI Doc would get my madical status in that kind of fouled up mess----it was clear his mission was to get me denied.

I am just out of patience------I still get surprised on how weak I have become----and how I continue to decline in my physical limitations.

Julie :0)

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Julie hi dear..

my my.. gotta hate the ssdi process! I filed for ssdi in 2002 ( wind you I was on ssi for the same kind of problems my whole life until I was 18 and they cut me off saying that i was no longer disabled! hello!!--welll long story short I said screw the ssi crud and worked full time.. I luckily had a fantastic employer/supervisiors.. and when I was out sick they really worked with me.. which was alot :( ).. point being I worked for a while.. and then could not longer work.. and had to re-apply for ssi +ssdi.. and I was denied the first time.. which is normal in most cases.. i understand..

well they kept screwing up.. and I had a legal adie attorney..( :D ) big help that was! I gather alot of my records and hadn delivered them to my appeal hearing (somnething the attorney should have done)

but with all the screw ups.. things were delayed longer.. But yes thingsa re backlogged w/ socoail security hearing for appeals.. i waited over 2 yrs for my hearing.. i would strongly advise that you contact a lawyer who is KNOWLEGEABLE in SSI SSDI matters and will give it they all to help you.. and WILL SHOW UP TO YOUR APPEAL HEARING WITH YOU!!

my attorney after all was said and done never showed up for my appeal hearing.. never called or anyhting to tell me he wouldnt be there.. and never informed me of my hearing date either.. I found out only b/c I kept bugging SSI for an appeal hearing date..in the end I had totravel back to NY for my hearing (that is where I applied at the time.. Iw as living there).. and they wanted me to reschedule my hearing once I got there b/c my lawyer wasnt there.. and nobdoy had heard from him.. (the judge's assitant even called his oofice).. so I asked them how long I would have to wait for an other hearing.. and she said about 5-6 months or longer.. I was like no way.. I cant wait another 5-6 months or longer.. so I did the hearing on my own..and I was awarded full SSDI benefits.. ans was armed with documantation from Dr. Grubb and other docs.

the jusdge told me I would hear with in 60-90 days of the hearing.. I heard back with in less then 2 weeks of the hearing date..!! :) what happy day that was.. I was stunned at first then cried my eyes out!!

So Julie.. it migh very well be a long process.. but you have medical documantation of your dx's..

make sure that you keep a record of all correspondances with these people!! it simportant! and go armed with info.. and agood lawyer.. preferrably one who sint going to take half of your back payemnts..but is still good!

hang int here Julie.. and let me know if there is anyhting that i can do to help ok?



how long ago did you file for disaility?

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Just like any other insurance company medical, health, disability. The people who are employed by the system are trained from the begining to look for anything in cases that would be basis for denial. I worked as a case manager/house supervisor in a hospital for years. Part of my job was to make sure there was nothing in a patients chart that would be resaon for denial. HARD JOB!!! There are big thick code books and a case managers book that tells you how to avoid claim denials. Just like the people fromt he insurance companies have their mannuals on what to look for to deny a claim.

My daughter inlaw worked for Anthem for a few years. She was put through orientation and training and taught how to deny claims, not how to help people. A co-worker of mine works for a local cooprative health insurance company created by the local hospitals to cover their employees, her job is case manager and she looks for anything to deny claims. (you could imagine the heated debted we have).

Its a game. SSDI is ran no different from private companies. this shouldnt be suprising to anyone. They do not care about the individual. In rare cases you wll find a worker or judge who does care but its rare.


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sweet jesus!! that is just horrible.. how do peole slep at night doing these things!!?? I dont understand it !! its obserd!!

make me mad :D:(:):angry::angry::angry: can you see the smoke rushing out of my ears??

OY. my goodness! what si the world coming too!!

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Guest Julia59

Thanks for responding, :(

I have a good attorney now---I made sure of that. I fired the first two.. The first was a drunk---and the second didn't have the interest in my case like she should have---it was obvious.

I do have very good medical documentation from all Doctors---Dr. Grubb, and two NSGs. Two Docs filled out functional capacity reports saying I could not work gainful employment. The Chiari Institute (Dr. Bolognese) has my karnofski score as 65. Here is a link showing what this means:


The SSDI doctor LIED---------FALSE information. It wasn't a matter of looking for reasons to deny me----HE JUST MADE THEM UP. Is there such a thing as POTS-----without tachycardia? This is one of the things he said.........I just can't imagine what he was thinking----and then there were more unbelievable lies.

I am going to have this Doc investigated---and I won't give up until I see he doesn't do this to someone else.

I have too much evidence stacked up against him.

It is clear that many physicians have very little knowledge about POTS/Dysautonomia & chiari/chiari related conditions. This Doc knew what POTS was, and said I did not have tachycardia---just because I did not have it in the office. I'm on a beta blocker---and still have tachycarida on that! When I had my implantable cardiac loop recorder downloaded a couple weeks ago it showed tachycardia in my sleep. It just happened that at that time in his office I didn't have tachycarida. That is just plain crazy. A 7 year old can figure out that there were unethical steps taken to get me denied.

They don't want to pay my benefits---they owe me a lot, and I'll get the maximum monthly benefit---they don't want to let it go, so i'm one of the many on the top of the "do everything in their power to get me denied" list. It's seems awful funny they have the man power needed to get people denied----, but yet not enough man power to get things filed in a fairly decent amount of time.

I have a lot of time on my hands---and I will do whatever it takes. I can do a lot of it laying in my bed. I'm used to multi tasking---this is nothing.

Funny how things work................................ :D

Julie :0)

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