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two questions...

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Two things...Not at all related but anyway..

1) I can taste IV's...docs always say I can't, but I can...Does anyone else get that???

2) I get an intermittant buzzing/sizzling feeling/sound at the base of my skull in the back...It is really weird...it is not like it is coming from my ears, but I can kind of hear it. It is definately at the base of my skull or upper neck in the back. Very weird? Anyone else??? The only thing I can find on the web for a buzzing at the base of the skull is this link about that being spideys spidy sense and something about detecting UFO's...and I am petty sure those are not it..... lol

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Hi H,

The answer to your first question is yea. I have started countless IV's, sometimes 20-30 a night in the ER. Patients complained all the time about the taste. You can taste the saline and medications. Its quite common. Obviously your doc needs an IV to prove him wrong.

Question #2, all the time. Im buzzing and shorting out right now. :D


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