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momentary whining

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OK so last night I got out of the shower and went to go use a q-tip to clean my ears...Now normally I get dressed, sit down for a moment and then do the q-tip thing either sitting or leaning against the counter. For some reason I did not. AND suddenly got dizzy and lost my balance (did not fall over though) and managed to ram the q-tip into my ear. OUCH. I think my ear is ok, but it hurts.

Then in the night it became Clear that I had my daughters cold....so I had that plus these hot, achy, tachy things and a few heart flip flops thru the night.

got up to go to the bathroom around 1am and ;) got the tunnel vision I think...problem was the room was pitch dark, so who knows....

i love my body, i love my body, i love my body

Today my heart rate sitting w/ my feet up and my head/back reclined is clocking 110, stand up and I go to 125-130.....I am buzzing.....poor mans caffeine I guess.

So I just broke down and took some childrens dimatap to clear my sinus's as they feel like they may just fall of my face soon....

so I will be entering high orbit soon....lol

Look for me around pluto....

luckily it is super slow at work....

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