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Hi Guys,

I dont know if its stress or lack of some meds or what but since yesterday I keep getting these electrical jolting feelings in my face, head, and arms everytime I stand up. I feel like Im going to pass out so I lay down and they continue. It feels like Im am "shorting out". I hate passing out!!! I feel like I am constantly fighting synope. This is new...... I dont want any new symptoms, the regular ones are enough.

Anyone ele get this? Do you know what it is?



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Guest Belinda

Janine..I used to get them all the time now just once in a while and it feels weird..like down my spine or on my head..like a little jolt of electricity. The only thing I can think of is that our sympathetic nervous system acts up for a brief moment and WHAM..it releases the adrenaline. And whatever nerves or muscles are being overly reactive are where we feel it most.

So since today I am feeling weak maybe you could send a little electric my way okay?.... ;)

Oh and I didn't post about your upset at the new docs but I am sorry for you...How much more frustration can we possibly handle eh??

Take care..Belinda

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Hi Janine, I get the same electrical feeling once in a while as well. I don't dare mention this to my doc though, could you imagine the look he'd give me?!

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I get this ALL the time.. I know exactly what you are talking about.. I get it the worst during an adreanline surge.. and before during and after syncope.. do you have hyperadrengic pots by chance??

I'm working with dr.g to figure out the cause of it or the root of the electricty surging..I get major electricty zipping thru me...very often

I et the feling bad in my head from time to time.. from one ear to the next it feels and sounds like what elctricty would feel and sound like.. kinda of like what it sounds like when lighting hits an electical wwire or pole or something.. in 2002 I was severe symptomactic.. and I had not yet been dx.. and the doctors where still running on the assumption that I was a real head case!.. well i can remember telling the onl call dcotr about this.. and he told me to go to the psych department of the ER!! he thought i was cracking up.. i was like s**** you! i'm not crazy!..

But yeah I do know how you feel.. I get it in my enitre body now.. it used to be just my head... its messed up feeling.. do you notice your heart rate speeding up when this happens? and do you get some viviid colors going in like an aora kind visula thing.. or exploding lights??

am I sounding fruity yet?? LOL just kidding.. but thesea re some of the things that I feel when this happens..

do you have a pots doc that you can call on or talk to about this?

I'm sorry but I unfortunatly dont have any words of wisdom to make it stop...

hang in there!!

and dont elctricute anybody!! Just kidding!! unless it a rude mean dcotor or nurse then zap them with your "JUICE"!! LOL :):D:(

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yeah being ot of meds isnt good.. that might eb contributing to things.. good i'm so sorry aboutnyour appointment yesterday.. big bunch of jerks! waht si wrong with people.. I jsut done understadn people and how they can do things like this to people and get away with it.. its messed up dear.. i'm so sorry wish i could do something to help!!

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