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i think they're gonna try to kick me outta school


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hey y'all

even tho i've been hanging in there this quarter with all my freaky hydration issues, my instructor said i might want to consider sitting out a year!! ACK! i can't do that b/c i'll have MAJOR DOMO student loans to pay back (which are on in school deferment now) and I'M KEEPING UP WITH THE WORK and my doctors have continued to release me to do clinicals. i know the school is concerned, but i've been completely kosher so far, needed some flexibility, yeah, but am carrying a B+ average and passing all the clincial aspects....so what's the problem?

i DON"T want to have to leave school! it's the thing that gets me moving everyday. (Even the days i can't move, i'm doing homework and making arrangements....I love nursing school!) my clinical instructor today told me it was not up to the faculty to boot me out, that it was up to my docs to continue to release me abd that she was pulling for me, that was good to hear. i got skewered at the last school because they decided they weren't going to let me in clinicals, no matter what my docs said (they wouldn't make them up with me, even tho i was ready and able.....kind of a shady deal) i don't think my new school would pull the same crud, but i want to be prepared.

i have a meeting with the school disability advisor on thursday and need to know about "reasonable accommodation" and my rights as a student with a disability. i see my PCP tomorrow (get labs done and a standing outpt order for 1 L fluids/day as needed) and talk to Dr. G on Friday, so we should be getting the ball rolling as far as treatments that may work.....if I get really bad, i *will* pull out, but i just think it's so premature at this point, especially since we don't know if i can get back to where i was......maybe i need to cut back on work and just focus on school til i'm "bettter" again? i dunno.

Any ideas? someone who has dealt with the ADA and school?

peace and light,

lulu B)

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you might want to check out the ADA's home page


if you search the site you will find info on school discrimination policies--mostly cases that have been mediated or decided by the US department of Justice. If you feel your college has not provided you with "reasonable accomodations" you can file a complaint. There are links on the ADA website to file a complaint with the department of justice.

You can also search google for disability law and your area of the country to see if they have any free legal counselling or assistance if you need it.


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girl!!!--LuLu.. I would fight them on the whole wanting to boot you out of nursing school.. I think you should contact the ADA link nina posted.. and get some accomodation lined up in the event that you need them.. so that you have them.. if your docs are willing to alow you to continue schooling (especially dr.g) and you can manage if then go for it.. thats my opinion..

I know the desire and drive involved in the career.. I want so badly to go thru nursing school.. had I not got sick I would be there!! one of these days I will!a nd will look back and wonder how on earth I did that.. as I am sure you will when all is said and done :D

for me personally.. especially listen to dr.g opinion on school/working.. he is honest with you.. but again supportive of you as well.. he told me flat out that I can not work.. and doesnt see if happening in the near futhur.. but was supportive to my going to school on a part time basis.. iF I could physically handle it...this was allmost 3 yrs ago)

in 2002 about 5 months after I had to stop working.. I decided to go to school part time (before I was dx) and the school kicked me out after 2 weeks b/c of my illness.. they told me that i was too sick to attend school.. and I'd did not know of the ADA thing.. so fight it Lulu dont take no crudd!!

you've worked hard.. my best advice is listent o your doctors who KNOW you anda re supportive.. and really listen to your body.. is it possible to cut your load down? and still graduate? go at a slower pace.. I know its nursing school.. and you might not have that option

on that front but i thought that i would bring it up..

hang in ther LulU!!

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It sounds like your school won't kick you out unless your docs don't approve you doing clinical. I am going through this right now doing my dietetics internship (clinical rotation right now) and my director asked me if I wanted to wait til the next round because I was having so many dislocations due to EDS, but since Dr. Grubb and my rheumatologist okayed me doing the internship there was nothing she could do except make the offer. Dr. Grubb approved me for 20-30 hours, drinks available on the floor, compression hose, and flexibility for call-ins or doc appt. So maybe you might need to do your clinicals part-time like me or whatever your body can handle. Dr. Grubb said the most important thing to do is to listen to my body! Also, have you tried Procrit?? It has made a tremendous difference in my POTS although they took my BP up on the patient floor and it was 80/31...the nurses got a little nervous! Good luck, I don't think they can kick you out for a disability!


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Hi Lunie,

Nusing school is notorious for trying to weed out anyone who suposidly can not hack it in nursing. Fight them. They tried to boot me for working night shift and then going to clincal saying it was unsafe, BS. They cant throw u out you can sue them...... Nursing teachers will try anything to mess with your mind. I will try to find an article i read a while back about this, I think it was in AJN, something about eating our young.

Sad to say but for a profession where your there to help people, nurses tear eachother apart, a bunch of type A personalities competing and stabbing eachother in the back. it starts in nursing school and continues in the work place.

All you can do is fight.

Wish i could say something more positive


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