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Well I wanted to thank everyone for the support! I took what you were saying regarding my pacemaker and finally broke down and called the heart center where my pacer was placed. I explained the short story what was going on. The frist appoitment they had was in late May, but after talking to them and explaining everything going on they worked me in on Thursday, to go thought the whole pacemaker, on Thursday at 2:30 and the at 4:00 I am going to meet with the doctor to go over the 2nd and 3rd options from Mayo, and Cleveland, U of Iowa. I am hoping they will finally understand theres more to the picture. ( see I had to go out to these places to find out I had POTS, NCS.) I am going to ask if a setting could be change to help, find out if there is any problems with the pacer, and also find out what options there are to help, like possiable ajusting my metoprol or any ideas they have. The holter I wore on monday was sent to this office so maybe the will have the resualts too. I am not sure.

Can anyone think of anything else I should ask them while I am there?

Thanks again! B)


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congrats with your persistence in getting the appointment(s) set up. i hope they turn out to be VERY helpful.

let us know how things go...

:D melissa

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I hope that your visit to the hospital to get you and your pacer checks brings good news. I have found that pacers need to be adjusted numerous times before you get the settings just right. It took several tries to keep me paced at 65. That didn't work. So each time I went (generally every week or so), they bumped the pace upwards. I function much better at 80-82, which is a fairly high setting but seems to settle my heart rate to a good level for me.

You also might ask them about a regular schedule going forward to fully check (interrogate the pacer). That is so important ==they look at not only what it has been doing but also check on the remaining life of the pacer. Ask them to explain the results of the interrogation. My cardiologist always share with me statistics as to average heart rate; how much I am paced; instances where my heart rate went over 100; instances of bigeminy, and the list goes on.

Good luck!


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