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Macrobid for only THREE days????????


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I know some antibiotics differ in how long they are taken.

I went back to the NP at a doctor's office where the doctor is allegedly very GOOD as is the NP I have seen twice in 4 years.

Last week I had 3plus blood in my urine and a bad yeast infection.

Took yeast med...burning is much improved though still there intermittently or feels hot.

Today, 'trace' of blood. She said taking Macrobid was up to my discretion at this point as there was not white cells to indicate an infection was present so nothing to send out for culture.

She said they use Macrobid for 3, 5 or 7 day rounds. Could this be because they might give it in short doses to pregnant women??

Should I even bother taking it? The cranberry capsules are more expensive when you add up how much to have to take them a day, and finding unsweetened cranberry juice is tough and the sugar kind doesn't help acidic balance.

I don't want to email my normal ANS doc YET again as he ok'd the macrobid last week in email.

But I figure, maybe we are nipping this in the bud since 'no infection' and much improvement in 5 days?

I don't know what to do.

Has anybody ever heard of short term use of Macrobid?

I found NOTHING on the Internet shorter than 7 day dose.

I am stumped.

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i have been given antibiotics for only 3-4 days for mild UTIs or prophalactically (sp :D ) during/after invasive bladder testing/procedures/catheterization. i don't have any experience with macrobid in particular though.

glad you're feeling a bit better & hope it continues,

:) melissa

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