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Warning Tuna and Sushi eaters


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While I have read for 18 years about the mercury in Tuna, it has gotten worse. I haven't eaten the stuff in years and will NOT use as a treat for cats, either.

Sushi is popular with many and I though I should post this here. Both have been in the news for a long time but the sushi story I just saw online today.

**Editing the fishing hurts site..it has a political agenda but I can assure you MOST fish is contaminated, especially farm rasied fish....it was all over our local news in recent weeks...will find another article later.

I thought it was common knowledge about tuna and that pregnant women should NEVER eat it but the mainstream media is acting like this is 'new'. Shoulda checked this link better..sorry

Wild Salmon is still considered safe but not the farm raised.


We are so sensitive to things I thought some may be interested in this stuff. not to mention the neurological connection.

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I agree - I stick with the california, avacodo and veggie rolls ....

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Good thing I don't like sea food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have been eating sushi and raw, yes raw tuna for years at least 2 times a week, I love sushi. I have had in the recent year been tested for mercury as well as lead and other metal toxicity and my levels are low or non existant.

I grew up on the coast of NJ and have always eaten sushii and fresh fish of all kinds. So I have had constant/regular intake of tuna raw and cooked for over 40 years.

Sorry but its media hype. I know the waters are polluted and its really sad. I think its a crock that when someone does a study on a few, 3 I think, sushi reseraunts in california and finds high levels of mercury in their tuna, which is most likely from the same source since all the reseraunts were local, not very scientific.

And if you knew what was in the food you were eating from the grocery store you would be appaulled.

Dont dis the tuna............... this latest media hype has no foundation to stand on.



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I am not going by the hype, as I am surprised it is JUST NOW NEWS to mainstream.

There have been many, many stories over the years. back when I worked my last year in OB GYN office, only more enlightened docs were telling pregnant women NOT to eat tuna due to mercury damage of fetus.

Now that is common knowledge.

But I know what you mean about the media whipping folks into a frenzy. The only thing new to me was the raw sushi alert. but that is't the first time I have read that either.

Dr Weil and Mercola both talk bout the safe fish..mainly wild salmon.

It's too bad what "used to seem safe" the farm raised fish is so polluted.

Then again, look at the mega agriculture industry where chicken and hogs are stacked in tall buildings and never outside...and cows just as sad...but I am getting off my own topic! B)

Still, we are free to choose our own eating habits...but the mercury and other politics were studied by my nephews when they were in college years ago. Both got out of the industry when the realized the offenders were always "warned" when inspectors were coming in..I am sure it is the same with farming and fish farming.

p.s. the larger the fish and the older the fish has much to do with this as they eat the smaller fish also pollueted. so it ends up in their system. The river in areas where I live have not had safe fish to eat for DECADES!!!


Janine, the fact you have been tested is a good thing since you eat a lot of fish. so that is very good.


this is Dr. weil site that tries to explain

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