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Is this typical for you before a "storm"

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Does anyone get really sleepy and tired a few days before a bad autonomic storm? I noticed that I sleep on and off all day long for a couple of days and get very sensitive to noise before a storm. Also, I am getting these storms about once a week now, more often than ever. How often do you guys get these bad storms?

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I tend to get more sleepy before the "storm". But I alway guess that was just part of it. I will be interesting to see what everyone else says to see if it is a normal thing.

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ok, i'll bite. what do you guys call a storm? <_<

i've never called the various things my body pulls on me a "storm" or had a doc tell me that's what they are....so i'm curious as to what symptoms/feelings/stuff you are referring to. i've heard it on the forum a couple times and think i'm the only one who doesn't know what it is, even tho i probably have them!


lulu :)

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