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Sharing some diet success/weight loss


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Hi all. Amidst some tough days painwise, I thought I'd share something pretty good. I've lost 15.5 pounds so far--4 on my own, and the other 11.5 doing Nutrisystem. Personally, the food is just okay for "diet food", but I'm willing to deal with it b/c it's been working for me. Only bad thing is that it's full of gluten. I figure I'll stick with it for 3 months (I'm almost done with 2), and reasses my priorities then. So, there's some good news from me :)

Hey, anyone have ideas on how to stay motivated to exercise more regularly? Teri and I are on different schedules, so I don't have a work out buddy to prod me along. When I was living alone, I had friends who went to the same gym and we'd arrange to meet there after work--great thing about that was it was p.c. (pre-cellphones), so there was no last minute bailing out! I'll say I had one exception: training for the race I did in December. While it'd be great to do another race, that really stretched my body past it's limits and I think is the reason my lung collapsed the following week.

I really want to keep my body in better shape for the long haul... there are so many good reasons (live longer, be more functional in old age, be in less pain long term, keep my bones from losing density), but somehow not enough to prompt me to get moving when I don't feel like it.

Your ideas for staying motivated to exercise???


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Will you be working out at a gym or from home?

If you are working from home you could try exercising and watching your favorite tv show (if you have one) or put on your favorite music.

I hate exercise but I would say I'm more of a disciplined person in general than the "average" so what works for me is sortof a punishment & reward mentality. If I don't exercise this many days a week for this long then I won't allow myself to do _____ (fill in the blank).

This works for me but several of my friends say this doesn't work for them because they do what they want to do anyway.

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I no longer have a gym membership, so it will be at home. I have a wide variety of stuff to use:

physioball, therabands, The Firm dvd series w/ step and bar, pilates jp performer and, pilates dvds, yoga dvds, and a recumbent bike.

During nicer weather, Teri and I have a twin bike, which certainly makes cycling more fun!

I have tried the do this much xxx so you can have xxx method; but sometimes that doesn't do it for me. I might have to enlist Teri to be the one who is in charge of the reward portion--because if I want the item bad enough, I'll just buy it for myself even if I haven't exactly lived up to my workout routine. :)

Tonight a took out a blouse that I was given as a gift but was too small. I LOVE the blouse and so I put it on a nice satin hanger and have it hanging up in my bathroom where I will see it every morning while I get ready for work and every night when I get ready for bed as a reminder that I want to fit in it and not looked like a stuffed sausage. :)


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Guest Julia59

Maybe swimming 3 times a week. It sounds like you have all kinds of exercise gadgets at home to help you out----and you are able to use them----so I'm not sure what else to suggest.

Julie :0)

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Thanks Julie. I'm a bit weird in that I really don't like swimming--I'm afraid of the water. I do know how, and I've actually been certified as a lifeguard several times. It's the bulldog in me that makes me not let myself give in to fear and makes me fight my disability so hard--but water still isn't a place that I'm comfortable.

Wish I was because is sure is hot here in the summers! Nina

Oh, and I forgot to add that I've lost a total of 20 lbs so far. I still have 10 to go, but am very proud. I've been naughty and not exercising, but trying to be very aware of my posture and when I'm in the car, I do ab work in my seat.

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Hi Nina,

I have been walking lately, usually for only a half hour at a time, if I can even do that.

My Motivation:

1. I bought a new pair of sneakers :) (on sale too!)

2. I have a CD burner so what I do is download new songs that have just recently been released, BUT I only get to listen to the songs on my CD walkmen on days that I walk...since I want to listen to the songs bad enough I'll exercise!

3. I am going to try to reward myself to an ice cream once in a while, Ice cream is my weakness!!!

4. Hoping that the exercise can somewhat help the POTS symptoms (symptoms start setting in if I am standing still or if I have been walking around for 20 min. give or take)...

Another reason is that I have had soo many people tell me that I have put weight on. I know this one isn't a good reason, but it gets my butt moving. I've had a family member tell me I look pregnant...even though I am 5'8" and 151 lbs. B) I personally think I look better the way I am now, I'd like to lose 10-15 lbs, but I dont want to be as thin as I was before. My doctor said that I was actually under weight and I am at the weight I should be at right now for my age and height..

Anyhow, hope some of these ideas help!! :)

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I formerly used a treadmill with CD player and tv going, loved it, but haven't been able to do any exercise of that nature for almost a year. I just focus on moving and stretching, but it is not helping my weight loss. I am going to use a timer and set it to try and build up standing and movement time, and simple exercises. I figure it is helpful with goal setting. On my treadmill, it was fun because I would try to break my time and speed when I could-it was incentive. Now goal is to get to any exercise more than 5 MINS before feeling lousy!!

I haven't tried the nutrisystem meals, but like the weight watcher meals-not bad.


I just want to state that I think your weight is very good. I am not a nutritionist, but I am 5'6" give or take and that was my goal weight through weight watchers for my age, etc.

I would give anything to be anywhere close to that right now. It seems you would be underweight to lose another 10-15 pounds--

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Fitting into jean/dress etc worked for me in the past when it was a big issue. So I would try them on every few weeks until they would fit.

And, AND, the biggest motivation but painful is: LOOK at yourself sans clothes in mirror and from behind (use handheld mirror)

Oh, MY!!

But that always worked for me..I also did the punish and reward system. I never used the buddy situation because I could ONLY COUNT on myself for motivation...but that's just me.

Good luck.

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Nina -- Can you work your exercise into your going to work routine? For instance, can you walk to work? If not, can you walk to your errands? I live in a fairly small town, so I can avoid using my car totally if I am motivated -- and I feel pretty good about saving gas, because it helps the planet and is too expensive right now anyway! I walk to the library, the store, the post office, to shops, work, etc.

Do you have a dog you can walk? If not, can you offer to walk a friend's dog?

I have recently gained back 10 lbs. of weight, and although I am somewhat happy about it because I was nearly looking anorexic, the weight has all landed at my middle in the form of saddlebags. Gross. So I am working out a little with yoga and also just doing all this walking and occasional jogging when I feel up to it. So I feel your pain.

Congrats on your efforts so far. That's great!


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Amy, thanks for the ideas--wish I could walk to work--riding my bike would be more feasible b/c it's about 15 miles. The bridge I travel across is closed to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. As is the case with much of suburban sprawl, it's more than a mile to the closest shop or even mini-mart and there are no sidewalks on any of the roads other than in my development. NJ isn't known for it's wonderful city planning :) I'm in the southern part of the state, and we still have farms and lots of open land (the Pine Barren's National Forrest).

I do go outside when I see my one neighbor with her friendly, very active boxer. She's just turned 1 year old and anyone who's had one will tell you, they are maniacs when they're young. I have to shower afterward b/c I'm allergic to dogs, but I do get some exercise while I have a fun time playing with her in the small municpal park across the street--her owner takes her off the leash in the enclosed tennis courts, and I then become designated ball or toy thrower. She's loves to lick and slobber :angry:

Sophia, I can't avoid the mirror in our bathroom, it takes up most of the wall where the sinks are...yeah, that is my daily reminder of what I still need to work on. That mirror was part of my reality check all last year B)

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