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Ice Cold Hands


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Ok this may sound dumb, but I wear compression stocking and it help my feet stay somewhat warm, plu help with the pooling. They still are colder the my other body parts but its better then it once was. My hands get ice cold after siting up, or standing up for more then 30 mins or so. Has anyone used the compression arm sleeves? If you have would it help? Or is there anything else I can do toget them to stay warmer then they are now, other then laying down?

Thanks for you imput! :)


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I have Raynaud's in my entire body and autonomic neuropathy. I use gel packs or rice packs you can heat in the microwave to help keep my hands warm. I have been mostly using a large heating pad because I am cold so often and all over. When I am at work, I use the small size gel packs for my hands. Good luck on your quest to get warm!

Take care,


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While I get it in both my hands and feet, it bothers me more in my feet. I always wear slippersocks to bed and often around the house, if not actual slippers. Other than that, I use a heating pad a lot.

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Guest Belinda

My feet my nose and my hands all turn ice cold..I was trying to think of how to warm the nose up..

Moist rice packs help out and they make slipper socks with rice in them..have seen them at Walmart and I believe target.

Stay warm or at least try.. :) Belinda

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