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What helps you relax?


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I have just gotten over the worst few weeks since my onset of POTS. I have been under a lot of stress at work. The stress made me so wired that I could barely sleep all week. There were 3 or 4 nights where I lay in bed for most of the night and only got a couple of hrs of sleep. I tried OTC sleeping pills, but they didn't do much. I think that getting no sleep made everyhing so much worse. By the end of the week, I was having horrible chest pains and felt like I was about to collapse and die.

I tried my usual breathing exercises, but they didn't do much. My therapist suggested I try chamomille tea and valerian root, so I am wondering whether any of you have tried them before or had any other ideas for relaxation or stress relief? I am usually not one to try herbal remedies. I have been resisting this, but think I will finally give in and see my doctor for presciption sleep meds this week.

Of course the real cure for all of this is quitting my job...I wish! :)


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I use an herbal heating pad that I put in the microwave. I can't drink chamomile b/c it's a direct relative of ragweed and makes me violently ill. I went into anaphylaxis twice in the doctor's office getting allergy shots for ragweed, so it's no wonder it's sister plant makes me vomit.

other things I do: read when I can concentrate enough

light some candles and try to meditate on the flame

listen to buddhist meditation cd's

play with my cats

play some of my favorite music on my mp3 player and headphones

watch discovery channel, learning channel, documentaries, etc.

get a massage (when I have $$)


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