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adrenal glands


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Can any symptoms be helped if your adrenals aren't working properly. My dr was going to order a test for cortisol levels. Would that be any information that would be useful to know. Thanks

I have Addison's Disease (Adrenal Insufficiency). I talked to a doctor that said that Addison's and POTS are linked. I developed Addison's first, then POTS.

I have a very mild case of POTS, my worst symptom being occasional fatigue.

Make sure you get the test results for your cortisol levels, I went into full Addisonian crisis because a doctor and the hospital never read the results.

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Yes, get adrenals and some other things checked, for sure. If you have access to endocrinologist the better.

My endo is of the belief "tests can be fine" but the gland can spurt out intermittently and we don't always catch it. I don't take supplements for it due to other blood work being normal or sometimes a bit high normal, then later low.. Orthostatic stress may affect cortisol levels.

I once was FORCED to sit while waiting over an HOUR in the AM, to get blood work years ago and felt ROTTEN when they drew the blood. I almost passed after the draw and the nurse ran to get me a Coke!

My cortisol was high normal then..first thing my doctor later asked was how I felt that morning..I said forced to sit up, stressed and Queasy. So we attributed it to that.

My eyes and skin look normal but he noticed years ago, the lines in my palms are slightly tan which he has ALWAYS found curious since blood work is "normal". I am very light skinned.

In YOUR case, if things are "normal" there are certain supplements or herbs that may help but you have to be careful since they aren't regulated.

Check with your doctor and good luck.

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There are two major parts to the adrenals and they may separately not be working well, or both may not be working well. The outer part, the cortex, makes cortisol and aldosterone. Both may be tested via serum, but some practitioners prefer salivary tests for cortisol. This is because it should be higher in the morning and drop all day and it is cheap to test saliva several times in one day.

The adrenal medulla secretes epinephrine which is tested by some of the doctors who understand dysautonomia. I learned from this forum that the results in some people are very different lying or standing. (I wonder how it correlates with BP in different positions.)

Depending on if your adrenals are under- or overworking, on their own or in response to a need (in low blood sugar, allergies, chronic stress, etc.), or diseased, the treatment would be different. The first step is to learn as much as you can about how yours function.

Best of luck.


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Guest Belinda

I personally was adrenal exhausted..showed on saliva test. Not sure how accurate that was it was during POTS episodes and before I had diagnoses.

Anyways: adrenal support...licorice is good.

I would check with your local health food store too they sometimes can give you handouts on adrenal help.

Good Luck..Belinda

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sure people with adrenal problems can get POTS symptoms - but most POTS patients have normal adrenal function. Infact the only abnormality found in a soon to be released study at the Baker institute in Melbourne, Australia in POTS patients was a lack of Norepinephrine Transporter protein caused by a hypermethylated gene promoter.

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a few of us on the site - at least myself and one other person - have had tests showing that our adrenals react poorly to physical stressors. that is my day-to-day levels are okay but if i have invasive testing, surgery, etc. i need extra cortisol administrated. we tried me on a bit of supplementation daily but after a 7 month trial i didn't notice any improvement in symptoms. the endocrinologist works with one of my former neurologists (only left him b/c of moving) and they have found a handful of people with dysautonomia who - when cortisol/adrenal issues have been found & treated - have had at some degree of improvement.

there have been several discussions on this so you may want to do a search.

:D melissa

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Most chronic illness is stress on the body and thereby can, and often does, effect adrenal function.

I second the idea that Sunfish gave you to do a search on the topic because it has been discussed at length before and you should find more info that way.

Good luck with getting answers!

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